Anime Dungeon Fighters Trello Link, Discord & Wiki

“Anime Dungeon Fighters has a Trello board where you can find game updates and info. Join their Discord server for community chat. Check out the wiki guide for basic game details.”


Looking for Anime Dungeon Fighters stuff? You’re in luck! Here’s where to find their Trello board, official Discord server, and wiki.

Anime Dungeon Fighters is a popular game on Roblox. You can pick a weapon, use special abilities, and explore dungeons to defeat bosses and get stronger.

With lots of characters, enemies, bosses, weapons, and more, the Trello board and Discord channel keep players updated.

Stay updated with the game using the Trello Board.

Anime Dungeon Fighters Official Trello Link

The official Anime Dungeon Fighters Trello link gives you access to all the game details.

Anime Dungeon Fighters Trello Link

Anime Dungeon Fighters Official Discord Link

You can find all the game details by using the official Anime Dungeon Fighters Discord link.

Anime Dungeon Fighters Discord Link

Anime Dungeon Fighters Wiki

Check out the Anime Dungeon Fighters wiki guide for basic details about the game.


Best to worst fruits in Anime Dungeon Fighters:

  • DarkLord (Immortal)
  • Love (Mysterious)
  • Light (Legendary)
  • Buddha (Immortal)
  • Ice (Epic)
  • Fox (Legendary)
  • Sand (Epic)


Here are all the Heroes in Anime Dungeon Fighters:


  • 10% EXP Passive
  • Attacks twice, dealing 63% of your ATK each attack


  • 6% Attack Passive
  • Attacks 20 times, dealing 10% of your ATK in each attack


  • 5% Defense Passive
  • Attacks 12 times, dealing 15% of your ATK each attack.


  • 5% Loot Chance Passive
  • Attacks once, dealing 100% of your ATK each attack


  • 10% Mastery Passive
  • Attack 3 times, dealing 50% of your ATK each attack

Game Modes

Here are all the game modes available in Anime Dungeon Fighters:

  • Dungeons
  • Defense Mode
  • AFK

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