Anime RNG Codes (May 2024)

Get the most up-to-date Anime RNG codes information here! Immerse yourself in the exciting experience of Anime RNG, where you can acquire powers from your favorite anime characters. Keep spinning the wheel until you unlock the rarest auras, making you feel like a powerful warrior. Impress everyone with your collection of rare effects.


While Anime RNG codes would add excitement to the game, they are currently unavailable. Rumors suggest they will be introduced soon, hopefully providing Luck Boosts or exclusive auras. Check back often, as we will update this guide with a list of all the working codes as soon as they’re available.

What is Anime RNG?

Anime RNG is a Roblox game based on random number generation (RNG) set in an anime world. In the game, you spin to acquire auras, which are special effects inspired by characters from various anime shows. The aim is to collect the rarest auras to show off to other players.

All Anime RNG codes list

Active Anime RNG codes

  • There are no active Anime RNG codes.

Expired Anime RNG codes

  • There are no expired Anime RNG codes.

How to redeem codes in Anime RNG

Since Anime RNG hasn’t been released yet, you can’t redeem any codes at the moment. Once the developer releases codes, we’ll add them to our list and give you a step-by-step guide on how to redeem them. For now, you’ll need to wait patiently and check social media for updates about the game.

How to get more codes in Anime RNG

Bookmark this page for an easier way to stay updated on upcoming codes for Anime RNG. You can also check the Anime RNG Discord and RNG Interactive Roblox group for the latest news about the game. We update this article daily by checking all official sources, so you can come back here regularly to find new information.

Why are my Anime RNG codes not working?

Anime RNG codes will expire at some point, so it’s best to claim your free items as soon as you see new codes. If you come across any old codes, let us know, and we’ll look into it. Before reporting an old code, make sure you’ve entered it correctly. Misspelling codes will result in error messages, so copying and pasting them is a safer option.

Other ways to get free rewards in Anime RNG

Although you can’t use Anime RNG codes yet, you can still get rewards in the countdown lobby. Stay on the server, and you’ll receive Cash every two minutes. While waiting, you might also win a limited-time aura. Don’t forget to join the Discord linked above and take part in giveaways for a chance to get more free items!

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