Balthazar Codes (April 2024)

With Balthazar codes, you can get all the free stuff and become a better fighter quickly! Balthazar is a intense PvP game where you’re thrown into an arena when you start playing. To survive, you’ll need to use all your weapons and enchantments to fight other players. There are different ways to defeat your enemies, like light attacks, heavy attacks, finishers, and executions.

In the main menu, you can buy better weapons, crates with boosts, and different cosmetics. You can get Gold and Aurums, the game’s currencies, by redeeming codes.


Codes are very important in Balthazar. They give players valuable resources that can make the game more fun. By using codes, players can get more Gold and Aurums, which are the game’s money. This lets them buy better weapons, enchantments, gift crates, and cool cosmetics. Having these resources can help players survive longer in the game’s fast-paced combat, making codes a key part of doing well in the game.

All Balthazar codes list

Balthazar codes (Working)

  • 10K_LIKES—Redeem for A$1,000 (New)
  • Sorry—Redeem for A$75 and $750
  • FixPing—Redeem for 50 Aurums and 500 Gold
  • pre-alpha—Redeem for 100 Aurums and 1,000 Gold

Balthazar codes (Expired)

  • There are no expired Balthazar codes right now.

How to redeem codes in Balthazar

To use Balthazar codes, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Balthazar on Roblox.
  2. Type the code into the “Redeem Code” box on the left side of the main menu.
  3. Press Enter to claim your free rewards!

How to get more Balthazar codes

If you want to find Balthazar codes yourself, you can join the Balthazar Discord server and the Team Quasar Roblox group. But searching for codes can take a long time. A better idea is to save this page and check it often. We’re always finding the latest codes, so you can trust us to keep you updated!

Why are my Balthazar codes not working?

If you’re having trouble using Balthazar codes, there are two main reasons why. First, you might have made a mistake when typing the code. Since codes are case-sensitive, it’s better to copy them from our article and paste them into the game instead of typing them yourself. Second, the code might be expired. Developers sometimes remove codes, so they can’t be used anymore. If you find expired codes, please tell us so we can update our article with the latest ones.

Other ways to get free rewards in Balthazar

Currently, the only way to get free rewards in the game is by using Balthazar codes. You can also check the developer’s social media pages, which we’ve linked above, to see if they’re hosting any giveaways or special events. Additionally, Balthazar has an in-game mail system with a “Gifts” tab, which might offer free items in the future.

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