Bosses in Fruit Battle Grounds are tough foes meant to challenge players’ abilities. They’re stronger with special skills, more health, and stronger attacks than regular enemies. Beating bosses can give you useful rewards like special items or rare fruits, helping you progress further in the game.

Bosses Types

At the moment, the game has two bosses.

Marco, the Phoenix.

Kaido, King of the Beasts.

Bosses show up hourly and are a key way to earn experience points for your fruit. They’re necessary not only for Soru but also for awakening TSRubber, Dragon, Ice, and Magma to their awakened forms.

There’s a possibility that Marco might drop a Phoenix fruit, and Kaido might drop a Dragon fruit. To use these fruits, click on the fruit slot in your moveset bar, and it will replace the fruit you’re currently using.


Titles can be obtained from bosses are:

  • Slayer
  • The Terminator
  • The Phoenix
  • Beast Slayer
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Talon Warrior

Key Aspects of Boss Fights:

Special Powers: Bosses have their own strong and special abilities that players must learn to deal with.

Different Challenges: Bosses can be easy or hard, giving both new and experienced players different levels of difficulty.

Smart Fighting: Beating a Boss needs planning and adjusting how you fight to beat their special ways of attacking.

Prizes and Moving Forward: When you defeat a Boss, you usually get good stuff like items, points, or things that help you go further in the game.

Teamwork: Some Boss fights need players to work together to win against the tough stuff.

Moving Ahead: Meeting Bosses is often a big part of going on to new places or levels in the game.

How They Work and Weak Points: To win, it’s important to know how Bosses work and find where they’re not so strong.