In the game, there are two bosses: Marco and Kaido. Marco has the Phoenix fruit. When fighting Marco, there are two parts: first, he’s in his normal form, and then he changes into his Phoenix form.

Marco will spawn every hour and will despawn after 18 minutes.


Physical Phoenix fruit (1% Drop chance, 2% with 2x Boss Drops)

  • You must do at least 800 damage to be able to receive the drop.

Gems (Max of 450) and EXP (Max of 15,000)

  • Based on level and damage, max amount is gained at level 80 with 500 damage.


You can find Marco in the Forest of Dressrosa, at the top of the hill with flowers.


  • It’s best for two players with lots of moves to team up against Marco.
  • Using attacks from far away is helpful when fighting this boss, especially on a server with many players.
  • Be careful in a public server when battling Marco, as many players often use powerful moves that can harm others, like Barjang Gun, King Kong gun, Poison Storm, Planetary Devastation Gravity, Seaquake, and more. These moves have a large range and can hurt other players.
  • When Marco is busy attacking someone else with his Bluebird move, that’s your chance to attack him without him paying attention to you.