Bubble Gum Haven Codes (July 2024)

Claim your freebies in Bubble Gum Haven by redeeming codes before they expire! Bubble Gum Haven is a really relaxing Roblox game! All you do is blow bubbles and trade them for different things to open special eggs with cute pets. You can explore, play with your pets, and try to be the best on the leaderboard.


If you want to move faster in the game, you might need some Bubble Gum Haven codes. These codes give you potions, boosts, and Gems so you can progress faster and unlock new areas.

All Bubble Gum Haven codes below were fully functional when this post was written. If you discover any of these codes are no longer valid or have expired, please inform us so we can remove them from the list.

What is Bubble Gum Haven?

Bubble Gum Haven is a Roblox game where you click to blow bubbles and earn coins. Use those coins to buy eggs and unlock special pets to help you progress faster. Try to reach the top of the leaderboards for Bubbles and Hatchers. And don’t forget to use all the codes available for great items in this chill game.

All Bubble Gum Haven codes list

When searching for Bubble Gum Haven codes, you may come across many websites claiming to have active and working codes. However, not all of them are reliable because they don’t check and verify the codes.

Unlike those sites, we verify every code before updating them here. We’ve done the same with the following Bubble Gum Haven codes.

Bubble Gum Haven codes (Working)

  • Update4—Redeem for All Potions (New)
  • Cupid—Redeem for All Potions (New)
  • Valentines—Redeem for All Potions
  • Update1—Redeem for All Potions
  • 500K—Redeem for 250 Stars, 3x All Potions
  • Release—Redeem for 1 Lucky Potion, 1 Egg Speed Potion, and 500 Gems
  • HeadStart—Redeem for 5k Gems and 150 Stars
  • 100K—Redeem for 3x All Potions and 250 Stars
  • BubbleBamBoom?—Redeem for All Potions

Bubble Gum Haven codes (Expired)

There are no expired Bubble Gum Haven codes right now.

How to redeem codes in Bubble Gum Haven

Redeeming codes in Bubble Gum Haven is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Bubble Gum Haven in Roblox.
  2. Click on the Codes tab on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter a code in the box provided.
  4. Click Submit to get your rewards.

How to get more Bubble Gum Haven codes

By using our article as a reliable source, you can easily find upcoming Bubble Gum Haven Codes. Bookmark this page for quick access to free resources whenever you need them.

For those who prefer to explore on their own, here are some official social media accounts you can visit.

Why are my Bubble Gum Haven codes not working?

Make sure to spell codes correctly in Bubble Gum Haven, as some can be tricky combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols. It’s best to copy and paste codes from our list to avoid mistakes. Additionally, some codes may have expired, so double-check before redeeming them.

Other ways to get free rewards in Bubble Gum Haven

To get more rewards in Bubble Gum Haven, try completing daily and weekly quests. You can find them in the top-left corner of the screen. Another way is to sell bubbles in the main lobby for extra Gems. Click as much as you can to collect more bubbles and get more Gems. Also, keep an eye on the developer’s social media channels for special events and giveaways.

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