CodeX Executor v2.628: How to Download & Use (July 2024)

If you want to download the latest version of CodeX Executor for your mobile device, you’re in the right place! We have a simple, step-by-step guide to help you download, install, and use CodeX Executor to exploit Roblox games. Before we dive into how to download CodeX Executor, it’s important to know that it’s currently available only for Android and iOS devices.


Since the release of the new version of CodeX, many players have been looking for a download link. If you’re one of them, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started without delay!

What Is CodeX Executor?

CodeX is a new tool for Roblox that allows players to modify and exploit games. Whether you’re interested in games like Blox Fruits, Pet Simulator, Murder Mystery 2, or Da Hood, CodeX can be used for all of them. It’s specifically designed to run scripts that enable hacks within Roblox games. Without these scripts, hacking games on Roblox wouldn’t be possible.

Every game on Roblox has its own set of scripts available online or on platforms like YouTube. It’s crucial to use trusted websites to find these scripts, as some can potentially damage your device. Scripts and executors work together—they’re both necessary to exploit a Roblox game effectively.

Once you download and install Codex Executor on your device, you won’t have to search for scripts elsewhere. Codex includes a dedicated Script hub where users can easily find and use a wide variety of scripts to exploit games.

How to Download & Use Codex Executor On Android?

Downloading CodeX Executor on Android is easy. If you’re unsure how to download and install it on your phone, follow these straightforward steps below to get started with using CodeX for running scripts:

Download Codex Executor

  • To begin, open your web browser and search for CodeX executor.
  • You can either go to its official website or click on the link at
  • Once you click the link, scroll down the page and find the “Download Codex Executor” button, then click on it.
  • Clicking the Download button will start the download.
  • Once the APK file finishes downloading, navigate to your download folder.
  • Once you’re there, tap on the APK file to start installing it.
  • Before you start installing, ensure you have enabled the option to install from unknown sources.
  • After enabling it, tap on the APK file to start installing.
  • Once it’s installed, open the executor on your mobile device.
  • Once opened, give it all the permissions it requests.
  • After granting permissions, log in with your username and password.
  • Next, look for your favorite game and search for its script.
  • Now, navigate to the Script Hub and paste the script there.
  • After pasting it, click on the Run or Execute button.
  • That’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the FAQ section, we aim to answer all the common questions about the game.

Q. Can I Use CodeX On Pc?

Ans. No, CodeX is only created by Mobile devices.

Q. Is CodeX Executor Is Safe?

Ans. Yes, CodeX executor is safe to download from its official website or by clicking the Download button above. Downloading from random sites increases the risk of viruses infecting your device.

Q. Is CodeX A Keyless Roblox Script Executor?

Ans. Yes, CodeX is a Roblox exploit that doesn’t require a key, and you can download it by clicking the Download button above.

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