Dance for UGC Codes (April 2024)

You can gain fame by exchanging your dance performances for UGC codes! Show off your moves and earn rewards in the Roblox community!


Getting free custom clothes for your Roblox character might seem hard, but did you know you can jazz up your avatar just by dancing? Just start Dance for UGC, hop onto the stage, and dance your way to awesome free stuff by earning Fame Points!

Although the game sounds super easy, gathering plenty of Fame Points needs lots of time and patience. But you can make things faster by using Dance for UGC codes and becoming famous right away!

All Dance for UGC codes list

Dance for UGC codes (Working)

  • ShiningBright—Redeem for 35k Fame Points (New)
  • MyWonderland—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • DiveIntoShine—Redeem for 40k Fame Points
  • Sunflower—Redeem for 35k Fame Points
  • BubblePop—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • ApplePie—Redeem for 25k Fame Points
  • Butterfly—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • SpringDrizzle—Redeem for 35k Fame Points
  • LetsGoPicnic—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • HappySpring—Redeem for 35k Fame Points
  • HelloApril—Redeem for 30k Fame Point
  • AprilFoolsDay—Redeem for 40k Fame Points
  • EasterEgg—Redeem for 50k Fame Points
  • BunnyHop—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • GiftBasket—Redeem for 35k Fame Points
  • CheeseTabby—Redeem for 25k Fame Points
  • KawaiiKitty—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • WayForLove—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • EggChickChicken—Redeem for 35k Fame Points
  • Forsythia—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • CherryBlossom—Redeem for 35k Fame Points
  • Kitten—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • BunnyBunny—Redeem for 37373 Fame Points
  • CuteAnimals—Redeem for 35k Fame Points
  • YouGuys—Redeem for 45k Fame Points
  • Queen—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • Lavender—Redeem for 35k Fame Points
  • Lily—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • DeadBear—Redeem for 50k Fame Points
  • CandyDate—Redeem for 35k Fame Points
  • LittleStar—Redeem for 40k Fame Points
  • Spotyyyy—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • EggSalad—Redeem for 55k Fame Points
  • Omelette—Redeem for 35k Fame Points
  • FollowLily—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • CutePomPom—Redeem for 30k Fame Points
  • EggRecipe—Redeem for 35k Fame Points
  • Tomato—Redeem for 40k Fame Points
  • BlackHeart—Redeem for 50k Fame Points
  • Cucumber—Redeem for 30k Frame Points
  • Avocado—Redeem for 30k Frame Points
  • Apple—Redeem for 45k Frame Points
  • ShyBearFriend—Redeem for 30k Frame Points
  • ThirtyThousand—Redeem for 30k Frame Points
  • Imagine—Redeem for 33,333 Fame Points
  • LittleYellowBunny—Redeem for 40,000 Fame Points
  • PepperoniPizza—Redeem for 30,000 Fame Points
  • FavoritePizza—Redeem for 50,000 Fame Points
  • LemonCake—Redeem for 30,000 Fame Points
  • StrawberryStripe—Redeem for 35,000 Fame Points
  • CheeseCake—Redeem for 30,000 Fame Points
  • CarrotCake—Redeem for 25,000 Fame Points
  • Y2KParty—Redeem for 35,000 Fame Points
  • Bagel—Redeem for 30,000 Fame Points
  • BreadAndCake—Redeem for 50,000 Fame Points
  • WhatsYourMeal—Redeem for 35,000 Fame Points
  • HappyValentine—Redeem for 40,000 Fame Points
  • GiveChoco—Redeem for 30,000 Fame Points
  • LoveAll—Redeem for 35,000 Fame Points
  • LoveSoSweet—Redeem for 45,000 Fame Points
  • InputCode—Redeem for 30,000 Fame Points
  • TrueOrFalse—Redeem for 30,000 Fame Points
  • GoodMorning—Redeem for 35,000 Fame Points
  • PondStore—Redeem for 50,000 Fame Points
  • FollowingDFU—Redeem for 40,000 Fame Points
  • FavoriteDFU—Redeem for 35,000 Fame Points
  • BeAFriend—Redeem for 30,000 Fame Points
  • CloserThanThis—Redeem for 40,000 Fame Points
  • GetAGuitar—Redeem for 45,000 Fame Points
  • WelcomeFebruary—Redeem for 30,000 Fame Points
  • GoodByeJanuary—Redeem for 40,000 Fame Points
  • BeThereForMe—Redeem for 30,000 Fame Points
  • PerfectNight—Redeem for 35,000 Fame Points
  • HelloFriends—Redeem for 40,000 Fame Points
  • FeelingGood—Redeem for 40,000 Fame Points
  • NumberOne—Redeem for 35,000 Fame Points
  • SuperShy—Redeem for 50,000 Fame Points
  • FirstUpdate—Redeem for 35,000 Fame Points
  • BeFamous—Redeem for 25,000 Fame Points
  • RewardForShutDown—Redeem for 40,000 Fame Points
  • LuckyDay—Redeem for 45,000 Fame Points
  • MusicIsMyLife—Redeem for 30,000 Fame Points
  • WelcomeCelebrities—Redeem for 30,000 Fame Points

Dance for UGC codes (Expired)

  • LetsDance
  • ThanksForPlay

How to redeem codes in Dance for UGC

Claiming Dance for UGC codes is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Open Dance for UGC in Roblox.
  • Click the Codes button on the left side.
  • Enter a code in the text box.
  • Click Redeem to get your rewards.

How can you get more Dance for UGC codes?

By using our article as a reliable source, you can easily find upcoming UGC codes. Bookmark this page for quick access to free resources whenever you need them.

For those who prefer to explore on their own, here are some official social media accounts you can visit.

Why are my Dance for UGC codes not working?

If you see “Wrong code” while using Dance for UGC codes, check your spelling. It’s easier to copy and paste codes to avoid mistakes.

If the spelling is right but it still doesn’t work, the code might be expired. Roblox codes usually don’t last long. Claim your rewards quickly so you don’t lose out.

Here are some other ways to earn free rewards in Dance for UGC:

If you’ve used all the Dance for UGC codes but want more Fame, log in regularly for daily rewards. The prizes get better each day, and if you log in for seven days in a row, you’ll get a secret pet. Also, join the POND STORE Roblox group for extra free Fame Points.

What is Dance for UGC?

Dance for UGC is a Roblox game where you can get free custom items without doing much. The more you play, the more points you get. Once you have enough points, you can exchange them for custom items. The game also has other fun things like collecting pets and a wheel of fortune. If you want to get points faster, you can use special codes.

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