Dragon Nest 2 Classes: Best Class Tier List (July 2024)

Check out the Dragon Nest 2 Classes Tier List: Best Class. Discover the top class in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution.


Dragon Nest 2 Classes Tier List: Best Class

In Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, you start by choosing one of four classes. Each class can later advance to sub-classes, each with its own abilities, strengths, and gameplay. The four starting classes in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution are:

  • Warrior Class – S+ Tier
  • Archer Class – S Tier
  • Sorceress Class – S Tier
  • Cleric Class – B Tier

Dragon Nest 2 Evolution Classes: Warrior Class Overview

The Warrior Class is one of the initial choices you can make in Dragon Nest 2.

  • Dragon Nest 2 Classes Tier List Rank: S+ Tier
  • Main Attribute: Power
  • Pros: Balanced Class; Good DEF and ATK Power
  • Type: Melee[Close-Combat]
  • NOTE: No long-range ATKs

In Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, the Warrior class is a key choice for players. Warriors have great agility and powerful area attacks, making them essential for breaking enemy lines and disrupting their spells. As a Warrior, you can move quickly around the battlefield, closing in on enemies fast and catching them off guard. This speed lets you flank enemies easily, giving you a strategic edge in fights.

The Warrior’s main strength in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution is their powerful area attacks. These attacks hit multiple enemies at once, causing heavy damage and breaking enemy defenses. This is especially useful against groups of enemies or during tough boss fights. Additionally, Warriors can interrupt enemy chants, stopping them from casting powerful spells or skills. By doing this, you can neutralize threats and gain an advantage in battles.

Your speed, area attacks, and ability to interrupt chants make you crucial to the team’s strategy. On the battlefield, you deal heavy damage and offer important crowd control and disruption. Your presence significantly impacts the fight, helping to control the battle and support your allies.

Take on the role of the Warrior in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution and guide your team to victory. Charge through enemy defenses, use powerful area attacks, and interrupt enemy spells to achieve triumph in battles. Your abilities are pivotal in shifting the outcome of wars and completing quests successfully. Become a renowned Warrior and leave your mark on the history of Dragon Nest!

Dragon Nest 2 Classes: Archer Class Overview

The Archer Class is one of the initial choices you can make in Dragon Nest 2.

  • Dragon Nest 2 Classes Tier List Rank: S Tier
  • Main Attribute: Agility
  • Pros: Ranged-ATKs and also possess considerable melee abilities. Speed. Good ATK Power. Excels in Auto-Mode as well.
  • Cons: Low DEF or Durability [Because you attack from afar and move quickly, you can easily avoid enemy attacks, especially those from close-range enemies]

In Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, the Archer class is a powerful force known for using ranged attacks to keep enemies at bay. They play a crucial role in groups, dealing heavy damage from a distance. Additionally, Archers have strong melee skills, which adds versatility to their combat style.

In Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, the Archer class specializes in offering ranged support by dealing damage from a secure position. With precise attacks, Archers effectively keep enemies away and provide protection for their teammates. They weaken opponents from afar, maintaining control of the battlefield. Although their strength lies in ranged combat, Archers are also adept in melee situations, delivering quick and precise strikes when fighting up close. This versatility allows Archers to adjust to different scenarios and play a valuable role in team tactics.

By using both your ranged and close-range skills, you become a versatile fighter ready for any situation. Whether you’re picking off enemies from afar or fighting up close, the Archer can deal powerful attacks that can change the course of battle. Apart from offense, Archers also have useful utility skills. These can include abilities to control crowds by stopping or slowing enemies, or support skills that give buffs to teammates. Using these skills well boosts your team’s effectiveness and helps them win fights.

In Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, as an Archer, your role is crucial for your team’s success. Your ranged attacks provide safety by keeping enemies at a distance, while your melee abilities allow you to handle close combat situations effectively. Your precision, versatility, and useful skills greatly contribute to your team during battles. Master the Archer class to excel in ranged combat, supporting your allies with strong attacks and securing victories in the world of Dragon Nest.

Dragon Nest 2 Evolution Classes: Cleric Class Overview

The Cleric Class is one of the initial choices you can make in Dragon Nest 2.

  • Dragon Nest 2 Classes Tier List Rank: B Tier
  • Main Attribute: Power
  • Pros: Possess abilities like healing and protection to allies. A good supporter class unit.
  • Cons: Poor ATK and Range.
  • Note: This class is not good at inflicting DMG, but can be a game-changer in team battles by providing allies protection and healing.

In Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, Clerics are revered for their role as protectors and healers. They use divine powers to shield allies from harm and provide essential support. Clerics stand at the forefront, using defensive spells to absorb damage and keep teammates safe. Their dedication ensures the team’s well-being, allowing others to focus on attacking without worry. Clerics’ resilience and protective abilities make them indispensable in battles, where their presence ensures safety and success for the party.

The Cleric class excels in healing and supporting allies with divine magic. Using these powers, you can heal wounds and restore your team’s strength during battles. Your healing skills ensure that teammates stay strong and can keep fighting. Clerics also offer blessings and supportive spells that boost allies’ abilities, like increasing damage or defense. These blessings give your team an advantage in tough fights, making you essential for success in challenging situations.

In addition, Clerics often have skills that help control crowds or remove harmful effects from teammates. These abilities let you disrupt enemy formations, protect your team from bad conditions, and keep battles running smoothly. By using these skills wisely, you can offer crucial support that helps your team win fights. Overall, as a Cleric, you’re a strong defender and a source of healing and help. You protect allies at the front and boost their strength with blessings and healing. With your dedication and divine powers, you bring great honor to your team and play a big part in their victories.

In Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, take on the role of a Cleric and be the guardian of your team. Stand at the front, shield your allies, heal them, and bless them to lead your team to victory. Your caring nature and divine abilities will shine bright, offering hope, protection, and success in Dragon Nest’s world.

Dragon Nest 2 Classes: Sorceress Class Overview

The Sorceress Class is one of the initial choices you can make in Dragon Nest 2.

In Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, the Sorceress class embodies magic and wisdom. Masters of arcane arts, Sorceresses wield immense power and control over battles, crucial for dealing damage and supporting teams. As a Sorceress, your main goal is to unleash powerful magical attacks. With your knowledge of arcane spells, you harness natural forces to cast potent spells that devastate enemies. Your spells range from launching fireballs and summoning lightning bolts to freezing foes or creating elemental storms. Your ability to inflict heavy damage from afar makes you a formidable presence in combat.

Sorceresses in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution excel not only in raw power but also in controlling the battlefield with their mastery of magic. They can manipulate the environment, immobilize enemies, and create defensive barriers and shields. Sorceresses can teleport strategically to gain advantages, ensuring enemies are kept at a distance and allies are protected. Beyond their magical prowess, Sorceresses are revered for their wisdom and knowledge. They possess deep insights into ancient lore and secrets of the world, offering valuable advice and strategic guidance to their team. Their intellect and magical understanding prove crucial in solving puzzles, uncovering mysteries, and overcoming magical challenges that hinder their team’s progress.

In team battles, Sorceresses stand out as key damage dealers. Their potent spells can shift the course of battle by demolishing enemies and reducing their defenses. You bring the firepower necessary to swiftly eliminate threats and ensure triumph for your team. However, it’s vital to balance your attacks with awareness and smart positioning, as Sorceresses are less resilient than some other classes. Use your skills to control the battlefield, keeping foes at a distance to stay safe while maximizing your damage.

As a Sorceress, you embody both magic and wisdom. Your potent attacks, excellent battlefield control, and ability to deal damage make you indispensable to any team. Embrace your role as a spellcaster, explore arcane secrets, and unleash your powerful abilities against foes. With your mastery of magic, you’ll become a formidable presence in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution. Use magic wisely, wield your spells skillfully, and influence the outcome of battles. Join the ranks of Sorceresses and become a beacon of magical prowess in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution.

Dragon Nest 2 Best Class: Class Tier List

Let’s discover which class stands out as the top choice in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution.

  1. Among the Dragon Nest 2 Evolution classes, the Warrior stands out as the top choice overall. Warriors excel in dealing damage to enemies, using area-of-effect attacks, and boasting high durability due to their strong defense attribute.
  2. The Archer and Sorceress are the top damage-dealing classes with ranged abilities in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution. The Sorceress excels in dealing massive damage and using area-of-effect attacks, but has lower defense compared to the Archer. On the other hand, the Archer doesn’t have strong area attacks like the Sorceress but is agile and suitable for players who prefer automated battles.
  3. The Cleric is the most effective support class in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution but lacks significant damage-dealing capabilities against enemies.

So, these are the Dragon Nest 2 Evolution classes. If you prefer melee combat, choose the Warrior for a balanced approach. The Sorceress is best for high damage and wide-ranging attacks. Opt for the Cleric if you prefer supporting roles, though it lacks offensive power. The Archer is agile and suitable for automated battles, even though it lacks the Sorceress’s area-of-effect attacks.

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