An overview of the Dough in the game positions it as one of the seven Mythical fruits available for players.

If you reach the highest level (300) for this fruit, you’ll earn the titles “Dough King” or “Dough Queen.”

They put in this fruit when they did the dough update.



The damage below is from a level 300 Dough fruit.

Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 1)           Grilled Dough The user shapes a dough fist around their arm, infusing it with armament haki power. This dough-covered fist is then hurled forward and detonates in flames upon reaching its full distance or hitting an obstacle. If it strikes an opponent, it not only deals a blow but also propels them along with the projectile.

Damage: 82.5 (Including burn).

·        *+ Range for Grilled Dough is Very Long.

·        *+ Breaks Block.

·        *+Can stack up multiple enemies.

Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 11) Dough Muddle The player creates a line of dough on the ground that stuns any player walking into it. The stun effect becomes weaker as players move farther away from where the dough trail begins.

Damage: 27 to 35. Stun time: 3 seconds.

·        *+ Range for Dough Muddle is Medium.

·        *-Dough Muddle makes you an easy target if you miss, because you won’t be able to move until its finished.

Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 28)         Lotus Dough Combo       User summons an armored dough fist and punches, whoever is hit will be launched up in the air and then thrown back down.

Damage: 86. Stun time: 3 seconds.

·        *+ Range for Lotus Dough Combo is Medium.

·        *-Starter Punch can be blocked and avoid the execution of attack.

Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 46) Chestnut The player makes a donut in the air with spikes on it. The spikes shoot towards the closest player within range and always hit if they’re in that area. The attack automatically follows the player around.

Damage: 180 (All spikes hitting.)

·        *+Spikes Go Through Walls!

·        *+Range for Chestnut is Long.

·        * – Spikes can be blocked.

Move 5 (Requirement: LV. 68) Anemone User summons a barrage of armored fists and will continuously attack anything that gets caught inside, can be held to increase the duration of the attack.

Damage: 135.

·        *+Range for Anemone is Medium.

·        *+Good Stun duration.

·        *+Can stack up multiple enemies.

·        *-Can be Blocked before the barrage starts.

Move 6 (Requirement: LV. 104) Buzzcut User turns into a wheel of dough that can go up walls but not travel sideways. If the user runs into another player as the wheel, they will grab them and swing them around, grabbing anyone else whos near, and then slams them to the ground.

Damage: 220.

·        * -Range for Buzzcut (Roll) is Very Short .

·        * -Buzzcut Roll is Heavily slowed if your HP is low .

·        * + Bypasses Block.

·        * +Range for Buzzcut (Spinning Fist Attack) Is Good.

·        * +Good Stun Duration.

·        * +Can stack up multiple enemies.

·        * +Very High damage.


Pros of the Barrier in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Does lots of damage: Can really hurt opponents.
  • Good for combos: Works well to chain moves together, much like the Lightning ability.
  • Forces blocking: Makes opponents defend, giving a chance to break their defenses or start new attacks.
  • Great for starting combos: Works well with moves like Anemone, Lotus Dough Combo, and Sticky Dough to begin strong attack sequences.
  • Fights in the air: Able to battle opponents even when in the air.

Cons of the Barrier in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • High stamina consumption, especially noticeable for players below level 50.
  • Airborne attacks can easily counter the Buzzcut move.
  • The majority of combo initiation moves are susceptible to being blocked by opponents.


  • Damage: A+
  • Stun: S
  • Range: S
  • PVP/Bounty Hunting: S
  • Skill required: B
  • Boss farming: B
  • Movement/Speed: A
  • Fun: B
  • Overall: S



Lotus + Chestnut + LMB 4x + Muddle (Approach) + LMB 4x + Grilled (Aim At Legs) + Anemone (Close) + LMB 4x + Grilled (Aim At Legs) + Buzzcut Combo Damage Result: 976 (possibly outdated, ill try it soon)

Grilled + Lotus + Chesnut + LMB 4x + Muddle (Approach) + LMB 4x + Grilled (Aim At Legs) + Anemone (Close) + LMB 5x (Dash as soon as you finish so youre on top of your opponent) + Buzzcut + Grilled (hard to hit and relies on RNG a little) + Lotus + Chesnut + LMB 4x + Muddle (Approach) + LMB 5x + Anemone + Grilled (Not true) + Lotus (Oneshot combo, but not true and maybe outdated, ill test it)

Grilled + Lotus + Chesnut + Muddle + Anemone + Buzzcut (not recommended, but if youre laggy and cant add m1s, go for this ps get better wifi)

Lotus + Chesnut + Anemone (close) + Grilled (aim at legs) +Buzzcut (Not reccomended but if you don’t know how to use dough properly and don’t want to play risky, this is the best combo for mochi beginners)