Dragon is an exceedingly rare fruit, classified among the prestigious Legendary fruits in the game.

Its enhanced version, Dragon V2, can be unlocked by completing a specific awakening quest, unlocking more potent abilities.

Reaching level 100 with this fruit awards the coveted titles of “King Draco” or “Queen Draco,” symbolizing mastery and dominance.

The introduction of this formidable fruit coincided with a major update centered around enhancing its abilities and features.



Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 1)           Dragon Breath Shoot a powerful beam that knocks enemies back and sets them on fire. The beam pulls opponents towards it upon contact. Holding the move makes the area it affects larger.
Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 11)         Dragon Claw      Dash forward swiftly, hitting opponents and sending them spiraling upwards. Then, an uppercut launches them into the air, stunning them for about 2 seconds upon landing. When transformed, this move becomes “Tatsumaki,” where the user spins opponents before launching them forward. It goes through blocks and its speed increases when the user has low health.
Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 26)         Screech Unleash a roar emitting red and black energy. Those caught in it are immobilized until the attack ends and briefly stunned afterwards.
Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 50)         Draco Meteor    Gather energy to form a fireball in your mouth. When released, it shoots into the sky and breaks into smaller pieces that fall like meteors. Those hit will be burned and pushed back. When transformed, the meteors cause a bigger explosion and inflict greater damage.
Move 5 (Requirement: LV. 88)         Crimson Bomb  Create a small fireball and spit it out slowly. The fireball generates a big fire vortex, dealing heavy damage and burning the enemy. This move has a lengthy cooldown but can be charged up to enlarge its area of effect significantly.
Move 6 (Requirement: LV. 165)       Transformation Turn into a blue serpent-like dragon. Your abilities get a major boost, becoming larger and dealing more damage. Dragon Claw becomes “Tatsumaki” in this transformed state.

Awakening Requirements

30 Titles

Max level (300) Dragon

Kill Kaido 5 Times with Dragon

Pros of the Dragon in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Great at hitting multiple targets at once
  • Easy to use for beginners and effective as a secondary skill
  • Stuns opponents for a good duration
  • Exciting and enjoyable to employ
  • Offers considerable damage and combo opportunities
  • Dragon Claw/Tatsumaki can serve as both a defensive and offensive tactic
  • Many abilities bypass blocking
  • Versatile in various scenarios, even against multiple foes
  • Dragon Breath reaches quite far
  • Requires only 50% gauge to transform
  • Fantastic for defeating bosses and in PvE situations.

Cons of the Dragon in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Requires high level for transformation
  • Transforming into a dragon makes you a larger target (although your hitbox remains the same)
  • Challenging to handle fast-moving opponents
  • Dragon Breath leaves you open with a delay at the end and can be blocked (Oddly)
  • Crimson Bomb moves quite slowly, making it easy to anticipate
  • Players can interrupt the Dragon Form’s screech attack
  • Transforming into a dragon takes a significant amount of time to charge up
  • Limited mobility options in dragon form (except for Dragon Claw, which offers only a short-distance jump).


  • Damage: S
  • Stun: A+
  • Range: S
  • Cooldown: C-, but when using screech cooldowns don’t stop, allowing you to stall
  • PvP/Bounty hunting: S+
  • Speed: A+
  • Mobility: B
  • Fun: S+