DragonV2 is a Mythical fruit in the game.

The Title for reaching Max level (300) is “The Hybrid” and “Incinerator”.

It is an evolved form of the Dragon fruit and can be acquired by spinning or meeting the prerequisites with Dragon.

This fruit was introduced during the Dragon V2 update.



M1 Hassakai Swing Similar to the String fruit, this ability grants the user a unique M1 attack. Instead of regular fists, the character wields a spiked metal club. The swings are a bit slower than normal M1 attacks. Each strike deals 30% more damage compared to regular fists. The final strike involves slamming the floor with the club, creating a large area of effect (AOE) that inflicts 20 damage at maximum level.


Moreover, the metal club offers greater reach than regular fists.

Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 1)           Inferno Breath   The user briefly powers up and releases an orange-purple flame beam. This beam can be controlled using the user’s cursor and upon hitting an opponent, it attaches to them. This enables the user to pull the enemy around. Holding the move fully lasts for approximately 5 seconds. Towards the end of the move, the user releases an additional final flame beam that explodes and sends the enemy flying.


While this move can be blocked, the final explosion from the flame breaks the opponent’s guard. It’s challenging to target airborne or distant enemies.

Move 2 (Requirement LVL. 11)         Thunder Bagua Similar to the Dragon’s “Dragon Claw,” this move allows the user to dash forward with a drawn metal club, assuming an attack stance. The dash covers a considerable distance and during the dash, the user floats and accelerates forward with red conquerors haki at a great speed. Upon colliding with an opponent, the user slams them using the metal club and passes through them. If not aimed at enemies, this dash can serve as a movement ability. It covers a significant distance if it doesn’t encounter an enemy.
Move 3 (Requirement: LV.26)   Dragon Twister  The user rapidly spins, generating a whirlwind of conquerors haki that swiftly pulls in enemies and deals continuous damage. This tornado persists for a considerable duration, moving in a straight line and potentially gathering more players along its path (without causing ragdoll effects). However, if the tornado collides with a solid object or wall, it gets canceled. While blockable without transformation, it remains a potent move otherwise.
Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 52)         Beast’s Bellow   The user tilts their head back and emits a loud screech, producing a purple conquerors haki that harms enemies within a wide area. Holding down the move increases its duration and damage output. Upon release, the user unleashes a tremendous sonic explosion of conquerors haki, sending enemies flying and causing significant damage.


Transformed Moveset

Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 155)       Inferno Breath   The user charges briefly and shoots out an orange-purple flame beam. This beam can be directed using the cursor and sticks to enemies it hits, letting the user control their movement for about 5 seconds. When fully charged, the move ends with an extra fiery blast that sends the enemy flying.


While blockable, the final explosion bypasses blocks, making it harder to defend against. The transformed version has a larger area of effect and deals more damage than the normal move.

Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 160)       Bolo Frenzy        The user crouches briefly before leaping upward, causing the ground to crack and shatter around them. This creates a stunning effect on enemies in a wide area, immobilizing them temporarily. Following this, the user ascends to a considerable height, launching three large fireballs imbued with conquerors haki and flames towards the ground.


Although this move bypasses blocks, it’s challenging to land because of the initial stunning effect being difficult to execute.

Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 155)       Dragon Twister  The user rapidly spins, generating a conquerors haki tornado that pulls in enemies and deals continuous damage. This tornado persists for a considerable duration, moving in a straight line and potentially affecting more players. However, if the tornado collides with a solid object or wall, it will dissipate.


In its transformed state, the tornado becomes significantly larger, approximately twice the size of its original form, and inflicts significantly greater damage. It’s a powerful move that bypasses blocks, but it can be nullified if it hits an obstacle.

Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 155)       Beast’s Bellow   You shout loudly, causing damage to opponents, and then conclude with a powerful sound explosion. This move covers a larger area compared to the non-hybrid form.
Move 5 (Requirement: LV. 175)       Flaming Torch   Surrounds the user in flames, causing their hybrid moves to inflict burn damage and apply a burn effect to nearby opponents. Enhances specific moves like Flaming Torch Beat’s Bellow and Dragon Twister to cause burn/tick damage, and boosts damage for Bolo Frenzy and Inferno Breath. Additionally, while in this state, Inferno Breath gains the ability to break guards.
Move 6 (Requirement: LV. 195)       Demolition         You sprint ahead rapidly, much like Dough’s Buzzcut. To activate this move, you need to hit an enemy; otherwise, you’ll keep moving forward. It functions solely on the ground, restricting attacks against airborne enemies. As long as you hold down the skill, you can dash for a maximum of about 10 seconds. During the dash, your movement speed significantly increases, resembling a sprint, with the metal club trailing behind you.


After striking the enemy, the user slams them using a metal club, causing them to be sent flying. During this sequence, the user remains invulnerable until the scene concludes. Then, the user jumps onto the enemy, grasps their legs, and repeatedly smashes them onto the ground five times before launching them slightly into the air. As the enemy ascends, the user strikes them with the metal club. The enemy is propelled high into the air, while the user swiftly leaps above them, emitting a powerful roar, ultimately crashing the enemy into the ground using purple conquerors haki. This ultimate move inflicts significant damage.

Move 7 (Requirement: LV. 155)       Transformation Return to the base form.              

 Pros of the DragonV2 in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • High damage output in both forms.
  • Massive area of effect and long-range attacks.
  • Most moves cause burn damage.
  • Hybrid form includes a powerful cutscene-like move dealing significant damage.
  • Features a special weapon useful for starting and extending combos.
  • Fastest bar charge among fruits in the game.
  • Easy to spam and enables strong combos.
  • Considered the top fruit for skilled players.

Cons of the DragonV2 in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • High stamina consumption for dealing damage.
  • Decent combos, but relatively low damage output.
  • Challenging to obtain (awakening Dragon).
  • Some glitches causing players to fall under the map or encounter issues with certain moves (e.g., Dragon Twister and Demolition).
  • Potential bugs when using Demolition during Dragon V1 transformation (subject to editing if fixed).
  • Vulnerable to punishment if the enemy isn’t stunned before executing Demolition.


  • Damage: A+
  • Stun: SS
  • Range: S-
  • Cooldown: S-
  • PvP/Bounty hunting: S+
  • Speed: A (S+ hybrid)
  • Mobility: A+
  • Fun: S+
  • Boss Farm: B (lots of bugs) – (has one bug where you can 1 tap Marco, so that is good for getting XP)


  • Untransformed – 1st move (hold bring opponent close), 4x m1, 2nd, 3rd, when 3rd is almost over 4th (hold).
  • Transformed – 1st move (Hold to bring opponent close), 2nd move(be careful when using this move, because in between the leap and the fireballs, your opponent will have 10 frames of not being stun, so i recommend that you block right after the fireballs are shot), jump above opponent, 4th move, 1st move (bring opponent back), 4 M1s, jump, 2nd move, 3rd move, 4th move, 1st move, 4 M1s, 2nd move, 6th move
  • Both – 1st move (hold to bring opponent close), 4x M1,s 3rd, 2nd, Transform, 6th Move, 2nd Move (for some reason bolo frenzy will work and stun the opponent below and tp you above them), 1st move (bring them close again), 4x M1s, 3rd move, 4th move. (In tournaments this combo usually is one shot if the opponent doesn’t attack within the 10 frames of bolo frenzy or block the 1st move)