Falcon belongs to a group of four uncommon fruits in the game, alongside Smoke, Rubber, and Gas.

When reaching level 100 with this fruit, players earn the title “Captain Falcon.”



Move 1 (Requirement: LV.1)               Wing Slicer         The user uses its wings to create a powerful gust, causing moderate damage at a medium range. This move cannot be charged.
Move 2 (Requirement: LV.16)   Flying Talon       The user takes flight using its wings and can inflict damage upon collision with an enemy. This move deals decent damage, ideal for travel or evasion. Holding the button extends the flying time.
Move 3 (Requirement: LV.22)   Wing Cyclone    The user swiftly dashes in a direction using its wings, dealing damage if it hits an enemy. It’s akin to the first move of Phoenix, causing medium damage and covering a moderate range. This move cannot be charged.
Move 4 (Requirement: LV.48)   Falcon punch     The user charges a powerful punch, their fist surrounded by flames. When an enemy is nearby, the punch draws them in, leaving them vulnerable to the high-damage strike upon release (approximately 65 damage). Similar to Dark’s fourth move, this attack in Falcon’s arsenal boasts long range and significant damage, making it one of its most effective moves.

 Pros of the Flacon in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Effective in close combat
  • Fast movement across the map
  • Many attacks bypass defenses
  • Reasonable cooldowns
  • Accessible for players
  • Multiple-target hits with most moves
  • Suitable for grinding
  • Enables lengthy attack sequences

Cons of the Flacon in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Can drain stamina quickly if overused
  • Limited ranged attacks
  • The second move targets only one opponent and is challenging to connect with


  • Damage: B+ (All moves deal between 30 – 40 Except falcon punch)
  • Durability: S (Can easily run by just holding the 2nd move)
  • Difficulty To Get: S (Very easy to get)
  • Difficulty To Use: B+ (Most moves has small aoe except Falcon Punch)
  • Mobility: S (2nd move great for traveling)
  • PvP: B (Its range its not good but its damage ok and it has nice combo potential)
  • Fun: A (Flying its really fun and the 4th move its very nice looking)
  • Potential: A (Its combos are not that hard to do and their rewarding)
  • Stun: A- (The first three moves have some stun)


1 + 2 / Dash + 4 M1s / 4 + Dash into