Gravity stands among the eight Legendary fruits available in the game.

Upon achieving level 100 with this fruit, players earn the title “Astral Conqueror.”

This fruit was part of the game’s initial release.


What is Gravity in Fruit Battlegrounds?

In Fruit Battlegrounds, “Gravity” refers to the force that pulls objects, players, or abilities toward the ground or each other. It’s like the invisible pull that makes things fall downwards. This game element affects how players move, jump, or interact within the game environment, just like in the real world. Gravity plays a big role in making the game feel real by determining how players and objects behave during battles or while using special abilities.

This mechanic ensures that players and objects move in a way that’s similar to real-life physics. It influences how players jump, fall, or use their abilities, creating a more lifelike and immersive experience in the Fruit Battlegrounds. Understanding how gravity works is important for players to navigate the battleground effectively and use their skills wisely during gameplay.

What is the power of Gravity in Fruit Battlegrounds?

In Fruit Battlegrounds, “Gravity” controls how players and things move in the game. It decides how high players jump, how they fall, and how they run around the battleground. Gravity also decides how fast and in what direction things move, making the game feel real and following the game’s rules of motion. This power affects how players walk around, fight, and use special abilities, making everything in the game world feel natural and realistic.

Knowing how Gravity works is super important for players to plan and move better in battles. It helps them guess what will happen next, so they can avoid enemy attacks, find good spots to stand, or do tricky moves. Gravity affects how everything works in the game, so players have to be smart and change their plans based on how things move or act because of gravity in Fruit Battlegrounds.

What is the use of Gravity in the game?

In the game, Gravity is really important because it affects how players move and do things. It decides how characters jump, walk, and go around the battleground. Knowing how Gravity works helps players plan their moves better, like jumping, avoiding hits, and fighting other characters in the game world.

Knowing how Gravity works helps players make smart decisions during battles. It helps them guess where they or their enemies will jump, attack, or move. Gravity changes how players play the game, making them think about new plans because of how it affects what they do. Understanding Gravity lets players think better about how to move, dodge hits, and fight smarter in tough battles in the Fruit Battlegrounds.

Where can you find it?

In Fruit Battlegrounds, Gravity isn’t something players pick up or search for during the game. Instead, it’s a basic rule that controls how characters move and do things in the battleground. Players don’t get Gravity as a thing; it’s just the way the game decides how characters jump, walk, and act based on how the game works.

Gravity is everywhere in the game and affects everyone and everything in the same way. So, players don’t go looking for Gravity like they do for power-ups or things they collect. Instead, they have to follow the rules of Gravity and adjust how they move and fight in the battleground. Players need to use Gravity smartly to move around and fight other players better.


Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 1) Push Generates a repelling force that thrusts adversaries away, inflicting damage in the process. Holding this action extends the pushing distance but reduces the vertical area of effect (AOE). Additionally, this maneuver disrupts blocks used by opponents.
Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 12)         Launch The player summons a gravity column adorned with symbols at the cursor’s location, propelling caught enemies skyward. Holding down the move enlarges the column, providing greater range but with lower damage output. Although it boasts extensive reach, this maneuver can be thwarted by opponents using blocks or defenses.
Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 32)         Avalanche The character lifts their hand, causing multiple rounded rocks, each roughly the size of the character, to ascend from the ground. Upon a quick tap of the move, six rocks emerge, while holding the move extends the duration to approximately three seconds, summoning an additional four rocks, totaling ten. This ability is interrelated to the subsequent action known as “shoot.”
Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 32) Shoot The character launches a fiery rock fragment from an avalanche towards the cursor’s position. Upon impact with the ground, it detonates, creating a substantial Area of Effect (AOE). This attack deals moderate damage and has a medium range. However, please note that there might be a glitch associated with this ability on certain devices, affecting both you and other players. Many users remain unaware of this potential issue. This ability can be blocked by opponents.
Move 5 (Requirement: LV. 50) Planetary Devastation The character initiates by clapping both hands together and then parting them, conjuring a small orb in one hand. This orb ascends high into the air above them, drawing rocks and debris towards it. Any nearby enemies are pulled into the gathering mass. Eventually, the orb collapses into a massive sphere, triggering an explosive eruption that rains down rocks and enemies onto the ground below. This attack boasts extremely high damage but has limited range. Throughout the entire animation, the move provides Iframes, rendering the character invulnerable to attacks. However, opponents can still block this ability.
Move 6 (Requirement: LV. 88) Great Meteor User shakes their hands and a circular pillar of gravity ascends into the sky. A large circular gravity circle and an alert mark will appear on the floor where the cursor is and a few seconds later the meteor you called will crash down and make a small AOE. If you hold down the move, the meteor size will increase and increase therefore making the meteor coming down have a larger size and AOE, the bigger the meteor is, the longer it will take to come down, if it is the max size it will take about EIGHT seconds to land and create basically a nuke that will have such large AOE that its explosion dome is easily seen from across the map. Very high damage and High range.   rewrite with fluency and remove plagiarism


Pros of the Gravity in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Spammable moves
  • All moves can hit multiple targets at once.
  • Big AOE
  • Good for PvP (but requires good aim)
  • Good knockback

Cons of the Gravity in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Moves 5 and 6 both have very long cooldowns
  • No mobility moves.
  • Great Meteor is easily escapable.
  • Great Meteor also alert the mark of the meteor size so the opponent can easily run away of the AOE.
  • Uses up a lot of energy if you spam as a low level.
  • Damage: A.
  • Stun: B+.
  • Range: A.
  • Cooldown: B+.
  • PvP/Bounty hunting: A.
  • Speed: Z.
  • Mobility: Z.
  • Fun: S.
  • General greatness: A+