“Magnet” is a special fruit among the top-tier Legendary fruits in the game.

To reach the maximum level (300) for this fruit, players earn the prestigious title of “Captain Punk.”

The developers introduced this fruit alongside the leopard and magnet update.


What is Magnet in Fruit Battlegrounds?

In Fruit Battlegrounds, the Magnet stands as a highly coveted and rare fruit offering players exceptional powers and abilities. When obtained within the game, this unique fruit confers extraordinary capabilities that can markedly influence the dynamics of gameplay. The Magnet has distinctive features that set it apart from other items, bestowing players with unique advantages and altering the course of battles when strategically utilized.

When this special fruit came into the game, players got really excited because it was different and had cool powers. The Magnet is special because it can pull in things, objects, or even enemies nearby, giving a smart advantage to the player who has it. Getting and using this fruit right can be super important in fights, giving players a special advantage and really changing how battles end in Fruit Battlegrounds.

What is the power of Magnet in Fruit Battlegrounds?

The Magnet in Fruit Battlegrounds is really special compared to other things in the game. It can pull in stuff or even enemies close to it. This special power changes how the battleground works because it brings things, items, or enemies closer, moving them around. This strong pull can mess up opponents’ plans, helping players a lot if they use it smartly.

The Magnet’s special pulling power gives players a big advantage in battles. When used smartly, it helps players control where things or enemies are, giving them better chances in fights. The Magnet doesn’t just bring stuff closer; it changes how fights go, giving an advantage to the player who has this rare and wanted fruit.

What is the use of Magnet in the game?

The Magnet is a super important tool for players in Fruit Battlegrounds. It helps players a lot by bringing things and enemies closer to them. Players can use this to mess up how opponents move, move things around, or make enemies fall into bad situations. This makes the Magnet really helpful for players because they can change how the battleground looks and make it better for them.

Also, the Magnet does more than just move things around—it helps players make chances in tough fights. By using its pull, players can bring enemies closer, change the path of attacks, or get themselves in a good spot for a strong attack. The Magnet is really flexible, letting players be creative and use it in different ways, like defending themselves, setting up attacks, or controlling how fast the fight goes. Knowing how to use the Magnet well can really change how fights end, making it a valuable thing to have in the game.

Where can you find it?

In Fruit Battlegrounds, players can find the Magnet power-up spread across the map, just like other special fruits. It’s hidden in certain spots within the game world, so players have to explore and look closely to find it. These power-ups are cleverly put in different parts of the battleground, often hidden, so players have to search the map carefully and pay attention to find and use the Magnet power-up.


Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 1) Repel The player brings together scrap metal and hurls it using magnetic power when using this move. It takes a bit of time for the metal to show up and be thrown. The pile of scrap blows up when it hits an enemy or something in the game. If the player has Metal Arms activated, they shoot their arms instead. The arms grab players close by and then explode after a short while. This makes the player lose their Metal Arms.
Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 9) Metal Arms The player creates two metal arms using scrap metal that cover their regular arms. When used, this move doesn’t cause damage directly. However, it boosts the damage and size of the basic attack (M1) but reduces the combo of M1 by only 4 (resulting in 12.5 damage per hit) while increasing the damage of other moves.
Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 24)         Cyclone The player gathers a cluster of metals close to them, creating a swirling vortex that traps nearby players. Afterward, it explodes, causing significant damage and sending players flying. Holding the move can extend how long it lasts.
Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 44) Punk Prison The player forms a magnetic metal box that draws nearby enemies towards it before exploding. This causes massive damage and sets the enemy on fire. It’s extremely tough to avoid unless you have the Soru ability. You can stop the initial pull that brings you closer to the box by blocking, but you can’t dodge or block the explosion if you’re nearby.
Move 5 (Requirement: LV. 80) Punk Cannon The player creates a metal cannon that fires a huge beam, traveling a great distance and causing a massive explosion upon impact. This move can’t be blocked and is challenging to avoid without Soru, sending the enemy flying far away. It takes a while for the cannon to charge, so it’s better to use this move when the enemy is stunned. While charging, the player can’t be stopped by any stunning effects and will continue charging until the button is released, making it effective for counterattacks.


Pros of the Barrier in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • The damage is just great.
  • Metal Arms is very useful.
  • Punk Cannon has a really big range.
  • Most moves break Guard/Block
  • The 1st move and it’s metal arms do good damage.
  • The 4th move is hard to dodge and it deals amazing damage.
  • The 5th move can still aim, even if it’s held.
  • Almost impossible to block combo (2 + 1 (still grabs people if blocked) + 4 + 3 + 5)

Cons of the Barrier in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Some moves fling the enemies far which can make it harder to do combos.
  • The 5th move is really easy to dodge, if the enemy is not stunned.
  • Can take up a lot of stamina if you aren’t careful at lower levels.
  • The 4th damage can be blocked and dodged.


Damage: A+

Difficulty: A (Some moves are actually kind of hard to hit.)

Mobility: C (Some moves just fling the enemy, so almost no mobility.)

PvP: S+ (High damage and combo potential.)

Potential: S- (Sometimes it is pretty hard to combo, due to some flinging moves, but still has a good combo potential)

Stun: SS (This fruit has some pretty neat stuns)

Overall: S