“Ope” stands among the seven rare Mythical fruits in the game and is considered one of the top-tier fruits, along with Venom, Nika, Dough, Leopard, Dragon V2, and Lightning. Its standout feature is the special “ROOM” ability that sets it apart from others

Players attain the “Ultimate Surgeon” title by maxing out this fruit’s level to 300.

The “Ope” fruit was introduced to the game during the specific update dedicated to its abilities.


What is Ope in Fruit Battlegrounds?

In Fruit Battlegrounds, the “Ope” move gives players the power to control space by making changes in the game. This special ability lets players do different things with space, like teleporting or making barriers, which helps them a lot during the game. Depending on how the game works, “Ope” can help players move quickly or make barriers to escape from enemies or get an advantage in fights. Using “Ope” can really change how battles go, giving players new ways to move around or get an advantage in the game.

In Fruit Battlegrounds, the “Ope” move stands out as a special way players interact with the game world. It’s all about controlling space, giving options for smart moves or defense while playing. Whether it means teleporting to outsmart rivals or making barriers for safety, “Ope” gives players control over space, helping them plan strategies better. This move helps players move around the battleground and fight smarter, adding a layer of skill and strategy to their gameplay.

What is the power of Ope in Fruit Battlegrounds?

In Fruit Battlegrounds, the “Ope” power is all about controlling space. It lets players do cool things like teleporting to different spots or making barriers to protect themselves. The great thing about “Ope” is how it can be used in different ways. You can surprise enemies with it or use it to defend against their attacks. This ability gives players a chance to be clever during battles and decide how the fights go by using these tactics.

In Fruit Battlegrounds, the “Ope” power is a big advantage as it lets players control space. It’s not just about moving around – it helps them escape tough situations, set traps, or defend themselves. This power is versatile, allowing for smart moves like strategic positioning or defensive actions that change how battles play out. “Ope” gives players a tool to manipulate space, making their gameplay smarter and more strategic.

What is the use of Ope in the game?

In Fruit Battlegrounds, the “Ope” power is a game-changer that affects how players play. It’s about controlling space, giving players different smart moves to beat opponents and rule the battleground. One cool thing about “Ope” is teleporting, which helps players move fast across the battleground. This helps dodge attacks, find better spots, or surprise enemies by suddenly showing up in unexpected places.

Additionally, “Ope” helps in defending by letting users create barriers or shields through space control. These shields can protect against enemy attacks or give a safe place to plan during fights. This power allows players to take charge of space, creating advantages by changing how the battleground looks. Whether it’s surprising enemies or making a smart move back, “Ope” is flexible and helps players in both attacking and defending. Getting good at using this ability means smart and creative gameplay that decides who wins battles in Fruit Battlegrounds.

Where can you find it?

In Fruit Battlegrounds, finding the “Ope” ability involves locating special power-ups spread around the game map. These power-ups are put in different spots, just like other useful things in the game. To get the “Ope” ability, players must carefully explore the battleground, searching for these unique power-up symbols or signs.

The power-ups for “Ope” might be in hidden spots or not so easy to find on the map. It’s important to search carefully and explore all parts of the battleground to find the “Ope” ability. When players come across the power-up linked to “Ope,” grabbing it lets them unlock and use this special skill during the game, giving them more ways to plan and move around in Fruit Battlegrounds.


Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 1) Room The player forms a small bubble using their hands that blows up into a big “ROOM.” The longer they hold this move, the larger the room becomes. While holding this move, the player can do things like move quickly, block, and catch opponents, which helps in making a big “ROOM” while still taking action. The size of the “ROOM” depends on how well the player has mastered the fruit.
Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 1) Takt The player generates five rocks that they can throw around within the room. This action can be blocked, and it’s usable twice after employing “takt” on destroyed objects.
Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 16) Wreckage The player creates a small spike that launches hit players into the air at high speeds. This ability can be used outside the room. If “Wreckage” is used while “Takt” is unused, an additional attack occurs, where rocks strike the opponent while they’re airborne. This extra move can be used within the “ROOM” and doesn’t affect the cooldown of “Takt.” The move can be blocked and doesn’t consume any energy or stamina.
Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 42) Hurricane Shock The player throws any hit opponent into the air, then spins them, and finally leaps to shock them. This attack can’t be blocked and deals more damage if held longer before releasing.
Move 5 (Requirement: LV. 64) Gamma Knife The player hurls a green “gamma knife” that electrifies anyone it touches. Those hit by this attack are briefly stunned and thrown upward. It has a limited range. Outside the ROOM, it explodes with its base damage. This attack cannot be blocked.
Move 6 (Requirement: LV. 102)       Mes The player dashes towards their opponent, taking their heart. By clicking, the opponent is briefly stunned and takes minimal damage. The player can “Squeeze” the opponent’s heart up to three times. However, on the third click, the heart vanishes without causing any damage. While the player is squeezing the opponent’s heart, the move can be blocked.
Move 7 (Requirement: LV. 29)         Shambles The player lifts their hand and instantly moves to any location within the Room’s range. They can also swap positions with other players inside the Room, creating strategic team combinations. If the player continues to use this move, they can still move around normally but cannot dash or use soru.


Pros of the Ope in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Great for PvP
  • Incredible mobility with shambles
  • Some moves do GREAT Damage (ex. Gamma Knife or Hurricane Shock)
  • Great Combo Potential
  • Tact & Wreckage creates some kind of Combo
  • Potentially the best fruit if you’re Skilled
  • Very great for team combos or 2v1 since Shambles can switch places with a opponent
  • Wreckage is great for chip damage, or finishing a opponent, because its range of placement is very large even if the user is using it outside the room, and it cost no energy
  • Gamma Knife is arguably the best ultimate of the entire game because when the user is in it’s «ROOM» it stuns the opponent, deals massive damage and has small knock back upwards.

Cons of the Barrier in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Shambles has a range limit of teleporting inside the room
  • Shambles is very hard to use on Mobile
  • High Mastery Requirements
  • Needs ROOM to use Shambles and Tact
  • Moves use a bunch of stamina/energy
  • Hard to place Tact without Wreckage
  • Players can run out of your ROOM
  • Wreckage does not give any exp
  • If takt is placed directly at the user sometimes shambles teleports you to one of the rocks making the opponent enough time to start a combo.
  • Damage: A (+ROOM: S)
  • Stun: B (+ROOM: A+)
  • Range: B (+ROOM: A+)
  • Cooldown: B
  • Energy/Stamina Cost: C (Abilities here have a very high energy cost especially gamma knife and shambles, except wreckage)
  • PvP/Bounty hunting: S (If the user is skilled enough.) S+ (When in tournament because the room almost covers the whole arena)
  • Speed: S+ (Shambles teleports instantly towards anything, only in room)
  • Mobility: B (+ROOM: S)
  • Fun: S-
  • Overall: A (+ROOM: S)