Paw is a special fruit among the five epic fruits in the game. Others include Light, Flame, Magma, and String.

Players earn the title “The Ursidae” when they reach level 100 with this fruit.

The addition of this fruit happened with the paw update in the game.


What is Paw in Fruit Battlegrounds?

In the game Fruit Battlegrounds, “Paw” is a special ability that players can get. With this power, players summon big paws that come up from the ground and hit nearby enemies. Once activated, these strong paws appear and attack enemies close by, causing damage and maybe stopping their movement. “Paw” works as both an attack and a way to plan strategies, giving players the chance to affect opponents up close and take charge of the fight.

This move changes how battles work by giving players an advantage. When used, it quickly hits enemies hard in a specific area, which can mess up their positions and hurt them. To make the most of the “Paw” move, players need to use it wisely, like to hurt enemies or create chances for more attacks in the game Fruit Battlegrounds. Success with this move depends on how well players know the situation and take advantage of it during fights.

What is the power of Paw in Fruit Battlegrounds?

In Fruit Battlegrounds, the “Paw” ability is a powerful force in the game. It summons large paw-shaped constructs that suddenly appear from the ground. These paws have a double effect: they cause a lot of damage to nearby enemies and might also limit their movements. The strength of the “Paw” is its ability to harm opponents in its area, making it a versatile tool for attacking and disturbing enemy plans.

The “Paw” ability in the game is a game-changer. It lets players summon paw-shaped structures to hit nearby enemies hard, causing significant damage and messing up their moves. Using this power wisely can shake up the enemy’s positions, creating opportunities for more attacks or smart moves. Mastering the “Paw” is key for players who want an upper hand in Fruit Battlegrounds, giving them the ability to control the battlefield and outplay their opponents.

What is the Paw of Barrier in the game?

In Fruit Battlegrounds, the Paw is a strong move that gives players an edge in battles. When used, it lets players deliver quick and forceful strikes, allowing them to attack nearby enemies rapidly. The Paw’s main strength is in its aggressive style, making it great for fighting at close range. Its fast hits help players wear down opponents quickly, keeping the pressure on and causing significant damage in fights.

Using the Paw smartly can completely change how fights go down in Fruit Battlegrounds. It gives players a strong move for up-close battles, letting them quickly get close to enemies and start fighting. Plus, the Paw isn’t just about hitting hard—it’s fast, so it can interrupt what enemies are doing, mess up their plans, or create chances to strike back. Getting the hang of when and how to use the Paw’s rapid strikes is important. It helps players take charge in fights, control how things go, and be more successful in close combat, which is a big deal in the game.


Move 1 (LV. Requirement: 1) Pressure Cannon             The user swiftly teleports toward the cursor’s position and pushes their hand onto the opponent’s chest, sending them backward. If the opponent is targeted, they’ll get hit regardless of how fast or far they move. This move has a short range, and if it misses, there’s a brief pause that gives the opponent a chance for a counterattack. It’s possible to block this move.
Move 2 (LV. Requirement: 12) Sonic Stomp      If you click a surface nearby, the user teleports up and lands at the cursor location, slamming down for an area-of-effect attack. However, if you place the cursor in the air, it can be used to move upwards quickly without waiting for the cooldown. This move can break through blocks.
Move 3 (LV. Requirement: 20) Sumo Thrust Barrage     The user rapidly thrusts both arms, sending multiple air-repelled paws toward the cursor, causing them to explode upon impact and stun the enemy. This move can be blocked.
Move 4 (LV. Requirement: 32) Torture The user summons a massive red paw toward the cursor, inflicting a remarkable 4-second stun on the target. This stun offers a chance for attacks or waiting for other moves to become available again. The move can only be aimed horizontally and can be blocked.
Move 5 (LV. Requirement: 60)         Ursus Shock The player charges up a huge paw, which then shrinks into a small one before being released towards the cursor. When released, it causes a big explosion with incredible range. The move can either be held for a while or used quickly. It can bypass blocking. When fully charged at level 60, it deals 135 damage. It’s highly effective for battling bosses and creating powerful combos.


Pros of the Paw in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Sonic Stomp allows you to escape fights with Soru.
  • Ursus Shock has an extremely large hitbox.
  • Reasonably fast moves (except Ursus Shock, which has a bit of start-up time).
  • Insanely high combo potential.
  • High damage.
  • Good for PvP and bounty hunting, if used well.
  • Can easily kill other fruits if you can combo well.
  • Torture has a very large hitbox; sometimes it lands without even being near the opponent.
  • Sumo Thrust Barrage is an amazing move, it stuns enemies for a long bit.
  • Sonic Stomp has decent range.

Cons of the Barrier in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Most moves can be blocked
  • Requires good aim and prediction skills.
  • Small hitboxes.
  • All moves are hard to land in aerial fights.