Phoenix is among the rare Legendary fruits, obtainable through Boss Drops with a 1% drop rate, or 2% with a 2x Drop Rate. Upon consuming the Phoenix fruit from Marco, it replaces the player’s current fruit.

Achieving level 100 with the Phoenix fruit grants the title “Hawkeye.” This fruit became available during the Phoenix update.



Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 1) Fujiazami            The character swiftly moves ahead surrounded by blue flames, pulling nearby foes along and eventually tossing them forward to inflict damage after the dash ends. This ability is directed using the mouse and can travel up or down. It can break through blocks.


Upon transformation, both the damage and range of this move increase.

Move 2

(Requirement: LV. 11)

Talon Slam          

Similar to a Quake Slam, the character leaps up, ignites their right leg with fire, and then slams down in front or below them, creating an explosion of blue flames that inflicts damage. This move is directed using the mouse, but it has a limited horizontal range. It can break through blocks.


Upon transformation, this move turns into “Hawk Rush.” Comparable to falcon attacks, the character begins to soar until they make contact with an opponent. Upon contact, the user executes a deadly claw grab, knocking the opponent forward while bypassing blocks. Holding down the move allows for extended flight, lasting approximately 10 seconds (not confirmed).

Move 3

(Requirement: LV. 24)

Phoenix Inferno                

The character creates temporary wings and a tail, unleashing a series of kicks that deal multiple hits of damage before finishing with a backflip. This move is directed using the mouse but can’t be aimed vertically.


Upon transformation, the character begins spinning, causing damage to enemies. After the spin, the character ascends and then plummets, triggering a powerful explosion of blue flames that deals high damage (the final strike can’t be blocked).

Move 4

(Requirement: LV. 40)


The character conjures temporary wings and generates a sphere of yellow and blue flames in front of them. Releasing the mouse sends the projectile forward, damaging anyone it strikes. Holding down this skill expands its area of effect.


After transforming, the character launches four balls instead of one, increasing its range

Move 5

(Requirement: LV. 105)

Transform           Transforms the user into a yellow and blue phoenix, altering their moves, their reach, and the damage they deal. While in this form, the user gains the ability to glide on the ground at a faster pace and leap higher than usual.

Pros of the Phoenix in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Good stuns.
  • Good damage.
  • Mobility move in transformation.
  • Very Good mobility (When Transformed).
  • Decent Mobility (Untransformed).
  • Hawk Rush can be used to catch runners because of its duration.
  • Good combo potential.
  • Very good wall combo potential because moves mostly has high knockback.
  • Almost all of its skills are bypassing/guard-breaking blocks.

Cons of the Phoenix in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Limited ranged attacks.
  • Transformation duration is short.
  • Heavy reliance on transformation abilities.
  • Talon Slam (Base Form) has a poor hit box, making it difficult to land hits reliably.
  • Transformation requires at least 50% gauge.
  • Inability to use Soru for increased movement and jump height in transformed state, unlike other transformations.
  • Uncharged AOE of Bluebird fails to hit opponents with Soru.
  • Opponents have an advantage during the transformation animation due to slight recovery time.
  • Bluebird’s slow-traveling projectiles in the transformed state are unlikely to hit all targets and have a brief stun. Dependent heavily on transformation.