Sand is among the limited Common fruits available in the game, alongside Barrier and Chop.

Reaching level 100 with this fruit grants the title “Desert King.” Similar to Flame, this fruit doesn’t have gender-specific titles like Dragon, Dough, Leopard, or Nika.

It was part of the game’s initial release.



Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 1)           Desert Slicer       Throws a sand-shaped saucer that explodes when it hits something.
Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 8)           Spada   Creates a line of sand on the ground that explodes after three seconds.
Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 17)         Swamp Creates a brief storm resembling a tornado. Holding down the move extends its duration, up to a maximum of 6 seconds.
Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 44)         Sables: Pesado  The user coats their hands with sand and purple lightning, launching a sand projectile. Upon impact, it draws enemies in slightly before exploding, creating a large sandstorm that blinds nearby enemies.

Pros of the Sand in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Good AOE moves.
  • Decent stun.
  • Decent Combos
  • Desert Slicer has really low cooldown and decent damage making it good for sniping.
  • Sables: Pesado sucks enemies in

Cons of the Sand in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Spada and Swamp both stop you from moving for some time.
  • Moves can be dodged easily if your opponent is in the air.
  • Literally EVERY. SINGLE. MOVE. except for Spada is blockable, so if your opponent has a brain and isn’t using chop you’re probably gonna lose.
  • Low damage capability.


Desert Slicer + Swamp + Sables: Pesado + M1s

(untrue combo, you can mash outta this) Sables: Pesado + Swamp + Spada + Desert Slicer + Desert Slicer