The String is among the five Epic fruits in the game, alongside Light, Flame, Magma, and Paw. It’s unique for having M1 attacks in its base form, similar to Dragon V2, IceV2, and MagmaV2.

Achieving the highest level (300) with this fruit earns the title “Puppet Master”.



M1 String Claws Rather than standard punches, the user utilizes rainbow strings to swipe, causing increased damage. This action is the initial base moveset to feature custom M1s.
Move 1 (LV. Requirement: 1) Fullbright The user aims at the nearest enemy within reach, tagging them with 4 purple and white strings. After about 1 second, this inflicts additional damage. If the target is airborne when tagged, they’ll be gently pulled downwards. (The initial string tag can be blocked.)
Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 18) Overheat Whip The user summons a fiery string around themselves and begins swinging it rapidly. Any opponent caught within the string’s area will be pulled along its path. After the spinning ends, there’s a final string attack dealing extra damage. This move can be blocked after the initial hit, but the final attack breaks blocks and causes burn damage.
Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 50) String Knight The user showers the aimed area with numerous strings, unable to dash, run, or use other moves during this action (but can still walk). After about 2.5 seconds of string throwing, a clone of the user spawns, attacking with M1. However, this clone only has 10% of the user’s total health.
Move 4 (LV. Requirement: 82) Sixteen Bullets When the move is activated, the user creates 4 pinkish strings on each side. Releasing the move fires all the strings in front of the user. If an enemy is hit, they are lifted along with the strings. When the strings reach the end, they explode into string particles, dealing additional damage. This move can’t be blocked.
Move 5 (LV. Requirement: 32) Skywalk The user initiates a jump and swings on a string, gradually ascending with each release. This action allows for swinging across nearly half the map while holding onto the string. (Comparable to training NPCs to reach Dressrosa Wall.)


Pros of the String in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • String knight is Great for distracting enemies and to make them waste moves on the clone like Buzzcut from Dough Fruit.
  • Skywalk gives the fruit great mobility.
  • Fullbright when hit (even if blocked) pulls enemies to the ground which makes it good to stop air camp.
  • String knight is also great at interrupting certain moves like Jet Gatling on TS Rubber/Post Time Skip Rubber and all combos if the opponent is on the ground.
  • Very good damage.
  • Sixteen bullets is easy to hit.

Cons of the Barrier in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • The user can’t dash or soru when summoning a string knight, which can be punished by opponents.
  • Despite Sixteen Bullets being easy to hit, it can be countered by moves with iframes such as Nika’s Red Roc.
  • Sixteen bullets has quite short range and can often miss if the opponent move out of the range.
  • Overheat whip can be punished if missed.
  • Fullbright initial string tag can be blocked.
  • Can spend quite a lot of energy if spammed.


Damage: A ( Overheat Whip and Sixteen Bullets both deal really good damage)

Stun: A ( Decent stun potential )

Range: A (Good range in most moves)

Cooldown: A (Decent cooldowns)

PvP/Bounty hunting: A (Good PvP fruit, definitely a very high middle class fruit)

Speed: S (Skywalk is extremely fast)

Mobility: A (Skywalk can allow the user to get to unreachable places)

Fun: S (Very good attention to detail and very good mobility)

Combo Potential: A+ (For combos not so much, but it deals good damage and its suitable for every possible situation)

Overall: A+ (A very high up middle class fruit)