Time-Skip Rubber, or TSRubber, is one of the top-tier Legendary fruits among the eight available in the game. To attain the special title, “The Boundman,” players need to activate Gear 4 for the first time. Additionally, there’s an option to awaken this fruit into Nika by completing a specific awakening quest. Achieving level 100 with this fruit earns players the title “Super Stretchy.” TSRubber was introduced during the TSRubber update.



Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 1)           Jet Pistol The user needs to be close to another player. If they are, they’ll instantly teleport and deliver a fast punch above the opponent, which cannot be dodged (except by using Soru). Once the move starts, it breaks through guards. Hitting a target with this move rewards more experience points.
Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 10) Jet Gatling The user bends down and unleashes a rapid flurry of punches forward, lasting around 5 seconds, based on how much you hold the move. The punches are lightning-fast, making the user’s hands seem to vanish in a blur of movement. It’s an upgraded version of the basic Rubber’s gatling. This move can be blocked, deals a lot of damage, but has limited reach.
Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 24)         Red Hawk The user swiftly flings their arm backward, propelling themselves forward. Then, they pull back their arm swiftly, causing it to burst into flames. If they hit an opponent, they’ll strike them with the blazing fist and send them flying. Ignores blocks. Deals moderate to high damage, but has a short reach.
Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 42)         Grizzly Magnum              The user stretches and enlarges their hands, forming two big fists behind them, covered in a special power called haki. They thrust these fists forward, hitting any enemies in their path, then pull them back and return to their normal hand size. This move can be blocked, but it deals significant damage and reaches a moderate distance.
Move 5 (Requirement: LV. 105)       Gear 4 The user performs a classic muscle balloon move by biting their left arm to inflate it. Steam and gas surround them as they transform into a massive, bounce-like figure. Their upper body grows while their legs become smaller. Their arms turn red due to a special power, and they gain access to a new set of moves that unlock gradually with higher levels. In this state, the user moves faster but jumps lower, unable to use certain advanced moves like soru or double jumps.


Gear 4 Moveset

Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 105)       Kong Gun           The user pulls their arm back and launches into the air. When they strike an enemy, they execute a powerful punch animation that sends the enemy flying. This move allows the user to fly while holding it, but there’s a time limit. It deals significant damage and has an unlimited range.
Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 116)       Culverin               The user charges their arm and thrusts it forward, extending it towards the cursor. The user’s fist continuously follows the cursor’s direction, making sharp turns. Upon hitting the enemy, it delivers multiple punches while moving in the air. Afterward, the user pulls their hand back due to its momentum. It deals high damage and has a long range. This move can be blocked.
Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 140)       Kong Gatling      The user rapidly throws a flurry of punches, enveloping them in a red haki aura. This attack covers a wide range and continues as long as you hold the move. It’s accompanied by a red lightning effect that signifies the move’s end. It deals significant damage within a medium range and can be blocked, although it’s difficult to block successfully.
Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 160)       King Kong Gun The user jumps high and begins to float in the air, then bites their arm and inflates it. The size of the arm increases the longer it’s held. When it reaches maximum size or when the button is released, the user smashes the enlarged fist onto the ground below, causing extreme damage that can overpower opponents in one-on-one battles. This attack deals very high to extreme damage but has limited range.
Move 5 (Requirement: LV. 138)       Elastic Propulsion            The user extends their arms and starts soaring through the air, similar to a T-pose. They propel themselves by retracting and then shooting out their legs using their elastic abilities. This flying move lasts for a maximum of around 10 seconds or as long as the player holds down the button.
Move 6 (Requirement: LV. 105)       Gear 4   When pressed, will return you back to base form. 


Awakening Requirements

30 Titles

Max level (300) TSRubber

Kill Kaido 5 Times with TSRubber

Awakening Location

Go to Wano

Find and Talk to Momo

If you completed all the requirements, you will be able to unlock Nika.

Note that you will be able to switch back from Nika to TSRubber whenever you like by talking to Momo again.

Pros of the TSRubber in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Low cooldowns.
  • Elastic Propulsions allows you to fly at decent speed.
  • Transformation that excels in both PVE and PVP (against people who don’t block).
  • Good damage.
  • 2 good combo starters and extenders (Jet Pistol and Jet Gatling).
  • Jet pistol is almost instant and can give you an air advantage, and it gives the opponent almost no time to react, and sometimes can hit soru player.
  • Elastic Propulsions allows you to fly at decent speed.
  • King Kong Gun can be used as an evasive to avoid getting hit by certain moves
  • Kong Gatling has very little startup and does a lot of damage.

Cons of the TSRubber in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Kong gun is easily punishable by ranged moves
  • Culverin has long startup and is block able.
  • in order to fully unlock all the moves, including Gear Fourth, they require high mastery.
  • In Gear 4 the user hitbox expands and makes you easier to hit. Especially ranged moves with small aoe.
  • Grizzly magnum is very punishable if missed because of its long recovery after using the move and a long startup.
  • These weaknesses almost all apply to G4. Transformation only makes you weaker and it is not recommended to use.
  • Mediocre and punishable combos in Gear 4 mode
  • You can block while being stunned by kong gun
  • King Kong Gun has a very long startup and it is very easy to dodge and very punishing if missed.
  • You SHOULD have 100% to transform.
  • After using Jet Gatling on base form or gear 4 mode it is easily punishable because of it’s recovery after using the move, giving enough time for the opponent to soru and start a combo.
  • G4 is “bad for movement” because doesn’t have double jump and his jump height is bad so frequently u can’t do a jump and the only option is to waste F move (really annoying and happens frecuently).

Damage: S+ (in G4) A+ (Untransformed)

Range: A+ (in G4) B (Untransformed)

Skills: A+

PVP/Bounty Hunting: A+ (G4) S+ (Untransformed)

Skill required: C- (in G4), A+ (Untransformed)

Boss farming: S (in G4), C+ (Untransformed)

Movement: B (In Gear 4) B (Untransformed)

Overall: B (In G4) A- (untransformed)

  • Base: 1-2-1-4-3 (Harder to land) / 1-2-4-3 (untrue combo that can only be used against bots)
  • G4: 1 + 3 or 1 + 2 ORRR 1 + (detransform) + 3 + 4? (not sure if this works but try it out)
  • Base: 1-m1s-3-m1s-1-4 OR 1 + 3 + soru + 4 (aim down) + 2 + 1 (use JP after gattling to avoid getting punished, or just soru away)