Venom is among the rare Mythical fruits found in the game.

The achievement title for reaching the maximum level (300) with this fruit is called “The Hydra Dragon.

This fruit was introduced as part of the venom update.



Passive Venom Affliction             Each strike from the Venom fruit poisons the enemy, causing a purple cloud to envelop them and deal damage over time (DoT) at a rate of 0.2 ticks. If the enemy was previously poisoned by the Venomous Aura, the damage rate increases to 0.4 ticks.
Chloro Frenzy    Chloro Frenzy    The user releases poison from their mouth. Initially, it doesn’t break blocks, but when activated in a different mode, it has the ability to break blocks.
Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 14)         Venom Road      The user appears to change into a serpent-like poison snake and dashes toward the targeted area, passing through blocks. If activated at close range, it pulls the enemy along with the user.



Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 32)         Toxic Hydra        The user summons a turret made of poison snakes from the ground. It automatically targets and spits poison at nearby players. (Transforms into Poison Geyser in another state)
Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 72)         Poison Storm     The user jumps high into the air and showers poison down upon anyone beneath them, hitting and knocking them around. This move goes through blocks.
Move 5 (Requirement: LV. 50)         Hydra Cyclone   The user changes into a poison Hydra form, having two small rotating venom hydra heads hovering nearby. In this state, the user can freely move towards others, pulling them along in their path, much like abilities from other fruits. When the transformation ends, there’s a venom explosion.
Move 6 (Requirement: LV. 115)       Transform           The user turns into a powerful venom dragon, boosting the size and damage of their attacks. Additionally, it swaps Move 3 with a new ability called “Poison Geyser.”

(Requirement: LV. 115)

Venomous Aura               When in this transformed state, the user is surrounded by a venomous cloud that poisons nearby enemies.
M1 Hydra Combos  When transformed, the basic attacks (M1s) are altered: the user conjures purple claw marks with each attack, and the final M1 involves the primary head biting the enemy. Each of these attacks leaves poison on the enemy, dealing damage over time.


Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 115)       Poison Geyser   Exclusive to the transformation, the User aims at their opponent and summons a toxic eruption of poison that launches anyone caught in it into the air.        


Pros of the Venom in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Moves have great stun
  • Good damage output. (Transform)
  • Venom road comes out nearly instantly and travels far when transformed, leaving a huge hitbox upon impact.
  • All moves when transformed bypasses block,
  • Transform only needs a minimum of 20% on your mode bar.
  • Most moves can be used to chain with one another in a combo.
  • Poison storm can be used to start and get out of combos, and can be used to counter combo.

Cons of the Venom in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Bad damage output (Base)
  • Can be countered by fruits that fight well in the air.
  • Sometimes Hydra Cyclone can be bugged and release the user instead of dragging the opponent with the venom user. This happens when the user turns the camera to fast when using the move.
  • Fair amount of stamina use
  • Base form isn’t as powerful.


  • Damage: D+ (Untransformed) S- (Transformed) Stun: SS (Every move has long stuns, especially Hydra Cyclone)
  • Range: B (Untransformed) S+ (Transformed)
  • PVP/Bounty Hunting: C (Untransformed) S+ (Transformed)
  • Skill required: A (Untransformed) D- (Transformed), S+ (When Fighting in the air)
  • Boss farming: S
  • Movement/Speed: A (Untransformed) A+ (Transformed)
  • Overall: S+