When you first join, you’ll spawn in Dressrosa, the main area where many players gather. In this map, you’ll encounter one boss, Marco, the Phoenix. To move around faster, you can use warp pipes. However, there’s no additional EXP gain boost in this map.

During the Christmas Season, the Winter Map is introduced. It changes the grass to permafrost, transforms tree leaves into snow leaves, freezes the Colosseum and any water bodies, and features a large Christmas Tree instead of the fountain.


Types of Dressrosa

Dressrosa is divided into two parts:

  • Dressrosa

Village of Dressrosa

  • Forest of Dressrosa

The natural side



Village of Dressrosa

The Village of Dressrosa has four key areas:

The Colosseum, The book to learn Soru, Flower Field (Marco Spawn Area), and Kuma.

Dressrosa city

In the Colosseum, you can engage in 1v1 battles by standing on the pads inside. Additionally, to participate in The Tournament, talk to Gatz located on the right side of the entrance.
To learn Soru, find the book to the left of the bridge in front of the colosseum. You can use it after starting the Soru quest.
Kuma, the NPC, is located near the building to the left of the Doflamingo statue. If you talk to him and your level is 150 or above, he will take you to Wano.

Forest Of Dressrosa

The natural side

The natural side of Dressrosa has two key areas:

Marco and The Soru NPC.

Dressrosa forest side

Marco appears near the large tree atop a mountain, and the tree cannot be destroyed. Marcotree
The Soru NPC can be found below Marco’s tree, behind a breakable wall. Sorulocation


Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is located in the middle of Dressrosa. Currently, it’s just a landmark and doesn’t have any specific purpose in the game.




Flamingo statue
Collo inside
Training dummies
Titles NPC