Gamepasses in Fruit Battle Grounds are things you can buy if you want extra stuff in the game. They give players special features, bonuses, and advantages that you can’t get in the normal game. These passes make the game more interesting by giving players extra things and ways to change their game.

Exclusive Content: Gamepasses let you get special stuff that other players can’t. This might be different looks for your character, things you can use in the game, special powers, or getting into secret places or game modes.

Boosts and Bonuses: If you buy gamepasses, you might get boosts like getting more experience points, extra game money, leveling up faster, or getting stronger abilities. This helps you do better in the game compared to others.

Right now, there are four gamepasses available for this game. You can buy them from the game’s Store page or from the Shop menu inside the game. You can also give them as a gift to another player. If you get all the gamepasses, it would cost you a total of 2036 Robux



Gamepass Name             Description         Price
Fast Spin Allows you to spin your fruits much faster for 50 gems instead of 80. 199 Robux Fast Spin
2x Boss Drops Doubles the chance of the player getting a fruit from Marco and Kaido. (1% -> 2%) 589 Robux 2x Boss Drops
2x EXP Doubles all EXP gained. (using moves on a fruit, killing Bosses, Tournys, etc.) 499 Robux 2x EXP
Extra Fruit Storage Gives you 3 extra fruit slots. 749 Robux Extra Fruit Storage