In Fruit Battle Grounds, Gems are really important resources that players can use to make their game better. These Gems give lots of advantages, helping players make their characters better, unlock cool stuff, and progress faster in the game.

Currency for In-Game Transactions: Gems are the main money used in the game, allowing players to buy lots of things from the in-game shops. You can get character upgrades, cool-looking items, or boosts to help you in fights using these Gems.

Unlocking Premium Content: You can get really cool stuff like special characters, unique abilities, or fancy skins by using Gems. These things give players big advantages or make the game look better.


Obtaining Gems: You can get Gems by doing different things in the game, like finishing quests, joining events, reaching goals, or sometimes buying them in the game.

They can be obtained from Bosses, Codes, Titles, AFK World, Purchases, Daily Rewards, and leveling up (20 per level).


Strategic Spending: It’s important for players to spend Gems smartly. Focus on getting the most important upgrades or items that match what you want to do in the game. This way, you use your Gems well.

Right now, Gems are used for one thing in the game, which is spinning fruits. To do this, go to the main menu in the game and click on “SPIN FRUIT,” then click on the treasure chest.

Doing a regular spin costs 50 Gems, while a fast spin costs 80 Gems. But, there’s a gamepass for fast spins that costs 199 Robux, making fast spinning the same price as regular spinning. It’s better to do regular spins because doing more of them increases your chances of getting a good fruit.