In Fruit Battle Grounds, Non-Player Characters (NPCs) make the game more interesting. These characters are controlled by the game itself, not by players. They do different things like giving tasks, helping you move forward in the game, and making the game world feel more alive.

Quest Providers: NPCs in the game often give players quests to do. These quests can be easy or hard and when you finish them, you get experience points, items, or game money as a reward.

Support Characters: Some NPCs can help players during fights by giving them boosts, healing them, or fighting alongside them in specific tasks or events. These helpful characters can really change how the game goes.

Spawn Locations: You can find NPCs in different spots in the game, like towns, villages, markets, or places meant for specific tasks.

Role in Progression: Talking to NPCs is really important to move forward in the game. They give you important tasks, items, or info that you need to progress.

All NPCs

Excluding Bosses, there are currently five NPCs in the game.

NPC Description
The Soru NPC

NPC Soru

Likely not based on any character.

Players can learn Soru if they’ve met all the conditions. It’s found in the area called the flower hill.


Based on Bartholomew Kuma

Players can go to Wano from Dressrosa if they have a fruit at level 150 or higher. Conversely, if they are in Wano, they can return to Dressrosa. Look for it near Doflamingo’s Statue in Dressrosa or near the high stairs in Wano.

Based on Gatz

Allows the player to register for The Tournament.

Located near the Colosseum.



Based on Kozuki Momonosuke

Players can awaken TSRubber to Nika, Dragon to DragonV2, Magma to MagmaV2, and Ice to IceV2 if they’ve met certain conditions (reached maximum level with the fruit, earned 30 Titles, and defeated Kaido 5 times with the chosen fruit). Located near the Clouds of Wano gates.
The Titles NPC

Titles NPC

Likely not based on any character.

Allows the player to switch their Titles.

Useless NPC. Located near the dummies.