Pity System

There are three Pitys when spinning for a fruit.

  • Legendary Pity
  • Epic Pity
  • Rare Pity


Legendary Pity: 320 Spins = 16000 Gems

Epic Pity: 160 Spins = 8000 Gems

Legendary Pity: 80 Spins = 4000 Gems

There is a 30% chance to get a Mythical instead of a Legendary when the Legendary Pity reaches 320.

If you get a Legendary, Epic, or Rare fruit, it will reset the matching Pity. However, spinning a Mythical fruit won’t reset any Pity.


You can find a Pity Reset timer next to the Pity counter. When this timer runs out, ALL Pity will reset back to 0.