Fruit Battlegrounds PVP Tier List

A tier list in gaming is like a ranking system that sorts items, characters, or things in a game based on how strong, useful, or good they are thought to be. They are usually put into different groups or tiers, such as S-tier (the best), A-tier, B-tier, and so on. People decide which tier to put something in based on how powerful, flexible, or effective it is in different parts of the game. Keep in mind that where something is placed in a tier list is subjective, and it depends on personal opinions about how well it works in various situations in the game.

If you’re playing Fruit Battlegrounds and want to know which fruit is the best or worst in the game, our fruit tier list can be really helpful.

In case you’re not familiar, Fruit Battlegrounds is a popular Roblox game inspired by an anime series created by POPO.

In this game, you collect fruit and learn its moves. When you get really good at using the fruit, you can battle your friends or other players to win rewards called bounties. You can use these bounties to make your fruit stronger.

In Fruit Battlegrounds, the main goal is to collect and make your fruits stronger. You use these powerful fruits to beat all your opponents and become the strongest player in the game.

Because fruits are a big deal in games like Fruit Battlegrounds, many players want to find out which fruits are the best and worst. They look for a fruit tier list to figure out which fruits are the strongest and which ones might not be as good.

In this post, we’ll organize all the fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds from the most awesome to the not-so-great. Our list will make it easier for you to pick the fruit that suits you the best.

Rankings For PVP

S+ Tier

  1. NIKA

The Nika Fruit is the top pick in Fruit Battlegrounds because it has special moves that do a ton of damage. The combination of Neo Red Hawk and Roc Gatling is really powerful. When the fruit is awakened, it gets extra help in PVP, farming, and other stuff.


The DragonV2 fruit is known for its high damage output in both forms, featuring massive area-of-effect and long-range attacks. Most moves cause burn damage, and its hybrid form includes a powerful cutscene-like move. With a special weapon for starting and extending combos and the fastest bar charge among fruits, skilled players find it easy to spam moves and execute strong combos. Recognized as the top choice for skilled players, the DragonV2 offers a potent combination of power and versatility in battles.

  1. VENOM

The Venom Fruit is really good in the game because it causes poison damage. Its moves also deal a lot of damage, which you can use smartly to easily knock down your opponents.

  1. OPE

This fruit is the most powerful in the game, but it depends on how fast your internet connection is and how good you are at playing. If you’re skilled, using the Ope-Ope Fruit can really help you out. It’s also decent for farming because the moves cover a good distance and deal good damage.

S Tier


The Lightning Fruit is awesome because when you use it, you get four energy volts that follow you, and the moves work with them. Moreover, all the moves are really strong and fast, causing a lot of damage. Each move covers a good distance and can be used in combos very easily.


The Leopard Fruit is powerful because every move it has can be used together for combos, dealing a lot of damage. Plus, the moves are easy to use, and when you transform, they do even more damage and faster.


The Dragon Fruit does a ton of damage, and all of it causes a powerful burning effect. The wide-ranging moves are excellent for taking down bosses and are effective in player versus player battles. The versatile moves make this fruit useful for various situations, and you can expect great results when using it.

  1. DOUGH

The Dough Fruit is a well-known fruit from One Piece, and it’s really strong. Its moves are unique, causing a lot of damage, and they cover a pretty good distance.


This fruit deals a lot of damage, and all its moves work well for both player versus player battles and farming. So, if you want to be efficient in PVP, the Magnet Fruit is a good choice.

  1. ICE-ICEV2

The IceV2 fruit excels in mobility with Ice Skate, showcasing immense range with Absolute Zero. Its freezing effects enable powerful combos, while Ice Skate bypasses blocking, stunning opponents for effective follow-up attacks. With significant power in both short and long-range engagements, it applies consistent stun pressure to hinder enemy mana regeneration noticeably. As it advances to higher levels, the IceV2 fruit demonstrates increasingly superior performance.


The TS Rubber is a really good Devil Fruit for both fighting and farming. Even without awakening it, this fruit does a bunch of damage, and its moves are varied, making them useful in many situations and dealing a lot of damage.


The Phoenix Fruit has similar abilities to the Marko Boss, so it’s great for that situation. Also, it’s a good choice for player versus player battles, making your gameplay enjoyable.

A Tier


Works well for combos, the moves are good-sized and effective. The dark pull is especially useful and can counter opponents who camp in the air, like Light Users. The only drawback is that it deals less damage compared to most fruits.

  1. MAGMAV2

The MagmaV2 fruit excels in enabling long combos, enhancing basic attacks, and causing burning damage with all its moves. It offers a much stronger basic attack, making it easy to inflict heavy damage using Magma Floor. The Crimson Howl move allows for aerial maneuvering, contributing to its great movement capabilities. Notably, Magma Rain serves as a quick and efficient starter for initiating combos effectively.

  1. PAW

This Fruit is solid and powerful for PVP. The first move, Auto Aim, does good damage, and the second move lets you teleport to wherever you point on the screen. In general, all its moves are quite good and deal decent damage.


The String Fruit is a powerful Devil Fruit with the first move automatically aiming and stunning the opponent. Also, its second move is okay, but the last move transforms it into a really good Fruit to think about for getting good results.

  1. QUAKE

This fruit deals a lot of damage, has large hitboxes, and includes a useful move called Slam for getting around. It now also has guard breaks, making it even better.


This fruit got even better with the latest update. It now has big AOEs (areas of effect), a large range, and the ability to break guards with a push, making it a much stronger choice.

  1. MAGMA

Similar to the Flame Fruit, the Magma Fruit has effective moves and inflicts extremely high damage. Additionally, it’s good at causing flame damage too, making it a reliable choice when the Flame Fruit is not available.

  1. LIGHT

Playing in a certain way can make you almost invincible if done correctly. It’s more about keeping your distance and poking at opponents, often by staying in the air. The drawback is that flying uses a lot of stamina, and the moves can be a bit challenging to land.

B Tier


This fruit stands out for its high damage and long-lasting tick effect, proving effective in battles. Moreover, its second move (s2) provides decent stun trade potential, offering strategic advantages for players. Overall, the Falcon fruit is recognized for its robust continuous damage output, making it a valuable asset across different situations.

  1. FLAME

The Flame Fruit is powerful, causing a ton of damage, and its moves are versatile. Just like its name says, this Fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds deals fire damage, which is a standout feature.

C Tier

  1. BOMB

This fruit is an all-rounder with good mobility, ragdoll effects, big moves, and it’s pretty solid overall. It’s also quite spammy.

  1. ICE-ICE

This fruit is like a combo simulator, and each move has some cool freezing effects.

  1. GAS

This gas fruit is quite easy to obtain, making it accessible for many players. It comes with two M1 combo extenders, allowing for versatile and extended attack combinations. The fruit boasts high damage and a long-lasting tick effect, contributing to its effectiveness in battles. Additionally, it offers decent stun trade potential for its second move (s2), adding strategic options for players. Overall, this fruit is known for its strong continuous damage output, making it a valuable asset in various situations.

D Tier


Rubber (Gear 2nd) is quick and has tricky combos when using gear 2nd. The Pistol move is super fast, has a very short cooldown, and automatically aims. The Gatling move deals a lot of damage.

  1. SMOKE

The attacks are quite quick, with a decent guard break, making it a good fruit overall. It has nice potential for combos, and the damage is really strong even at low levels. There’s one move that deals incredibly high damage. The only drawback is that there’s a long waiting time after some moves, and you need to be close to your target. Also, its rarity might make it seem worse than it actually is.


It’s a big barrier, dude. It can do some amusing things, but overall, it’s not that amazing.

F Tier

  1. CHOP

It’s a fruit that transforms you into a convertible. It’s one of the most enjoyable fruits to play, though running over big characters seems a bit suspicious, to be honest.

  1. SAND

The first move covers a large area and has a short cooldown. The third and fourth moves work well together, creating a combo and both dealing decent damage.