In the world of Fruit Battle Grounds, knowing different combat moves is crucial. One such move is Soru, a speedy technique that gives players incredible speed and agility in fights. Inspired by a famous anime show, Soru lets players move incredibly fast, helping them attack quickly or dodge enemy moves with ease.



The Essence of Soru

Soru captures speedy movements, letting players swiftly move around the battlefield. When used, it helps characters dash forward really fast, allowing them to dodge attacks or quickly get closer to enemies. What makes Soru special isn’t just how fast it is, but also how useful it is in attack and defense plans.

Soru is all about speed, helping players zip around in battles. Activate it, and characters can zoom forward, dodging attacks or getting near enemies in a flash. It’s not just about being fast; Soru works well for both attacking and defending strategies.

Description and Functionality

Soru is a key move that helps players outsmart enemies by letting them move really quickly. This move boosts how easily players can move, letting them position themselves strategically and escape from dangerous situations fast. It’s not just about moving, though. In fights, it helps players land fast and accurate hits on their opponents, giving them an advantage.

Soru location

Think of Soru as a vital trick that lets players move instantly. It makes players much better at moving around, which helps them position themselves well and escape tough situations quickly. And when it comes to fighting, it helps them hit their opponents quickly and accurately, giving them an upper hand.

Book location


  • Level 100.
  • At least 10 Titles.
  • Defeat a boss 3 times.


How to obtain

Near the place where Marco appears on the hill, there are rocks that can be smashed using a special move that changes things around. Inside that area, you’ll meet a person who gives you a mission to get Soru. Once you talk to him, you need to find a book. The book is located close to the bridge in front of the Colosseum.

Key Points and Functions of Soru:

  1. Quick Movement: Soru helps you move really fast across the battlefield.
  2. Attack and Defense: It can be used for both attacking and dodging enemy attacks.
  3. Wait Time and Energy Use: After using Soru, you might need to wait a bit before using it again, and it could use up some of your in-game resources or energy.
  4. Customization and Improvements: You might be able to change or make Soru better, making it work faster and more effectively.
  5. Moves and Strategies: Players can create special moves or strategies using Soru for different advantages.
  6. Getting Past Obstacles: Soru can help you get past things that might block your way in the game.
  7. Temporary Protection: It might briefly make you invincible or protect you from enemy attacks for a short time.
  8. Important in the Game: Learning how to use Soru well could be really important for doing well in competitive gameplay and affecting how the game turns out.

In short, Soru in Fruit Battle Grounds isn’t just a move; it’s all about being super quick and smart in fights. Its speedy and exact moves change how battles work, giving players a good advantage. Whether you’re using it to dodge or attack fast, Soru shows how speed and quick thinking really matter in this fruity combat world.