The Tournament

In Fruit Battle Grounds, the Tournament is the biggest face-off where players show how good they are in exciting fights to win. Fighters from everywhere in the game join in, from newbies trying to show what they’ve got to experienced ones aiming for the top spot.


Competition Format: The Tournament usually has a set way it’s organized, starting with early rounds and moving through the semifinals to an exciting final match. Fights can be one-on-one or involve teams, letting players show how good they are in battles and how smart they are in making plans.

To join the Tournament game mode, talk to Gatz at the Colosseum entrance in Dressrosa. It’s all about player versus-player battles where you fight one-on-one until only one player remains standing.

Prizes and Rewards: In the Tournament, winners can get really cool prizes that make it worth trying hard. They might win special fruits, unique things in the game, important game money, or impressive titles. These awesome prizes make players compete really hard to do their best.

Skill Showcase: In the Tournament, players get to show how good they are in fights, displaying their skills in using special abilities, clever moves, and smart plans. Winning isn’t just about beating others; it’s about showing how well you can think fast and change your plans during tough fights.

Excitement Beyond Victory: Even if you don’t win, being part of the Tournament helps you learn and become better at fighting. It shows where you can get better and encourages you to improve as a fighter.


Every fruit has all the abilities, whether it’s Barrier or Nika.

Gatz, the NPC at the Colosseum, won’t allow entry unless you have all the abilities.

The Tournament

After being selected for a fight in The Tournament, you’ll see a timer at the top center of the screen. During breaks between matches, it shows a 15-second pause, and when a match begins, it changes to a 2-minute timer.


New brackets are made for each round and can’t be changed. If your opponent leaves their bracket, you win without playing. The game goes through all the brackets in one round before starting new brackets for the next round.


If you win a match, you get 100 Gems and 2000 EXP as a reward.


If you become the tournament champion, you’ll get 400 Gems and 5000 EXP as a reward.