Titles in Fruit Battle Grounds are special achievements or labels that players get by doing certain things or finishing specific tasks in the game. These titles show what players have achieved, how far they’ve come, or how good they are at different parts of the game.

Titles in the game show that players have done impressive things or are really good at something like fighting, finishing hard tasks, or reaching big goals. They’re like badges that show off a player’s skills or achievements.

Certain titles give you special things in the game that others don’t have. These might be cool-looking items, better powers, more chances to get stuff, or special things that make the game better.

Titles appear in-game at the top right of your screen. You can get them by completing their tasks. Earning lots of titles will give you different title colors.

All Titiles

Below is a list of all 68 titles in the game.

Tittle Name Requirement Gem Reward
Beginner Reach Level 10 80
Courageous Defeat Someone at least 150 levels above you. 150
Ace Get a 5 kill streak 150
Wanted Get Your first Bounty 150
Mauler Get a kill streak using your fist 160
Exterminator Get a 15 kill streak 180
Untouchable Defeat 5 separate players in a row with full HP [UNOBTAINABLE] 200
Collector Spin a Rare fruit 15 times 200
Bounty Hunter Steal over 5,000 bounty from Someone 250
Roadkill Defeat somebody using Chop car 260
Mercenary Spin an Epic fruit 5 times 300
Notorious Reach 50,000 bounty 300
The Swift One Unlock Soru 380
Slayer Defeat a boss for the first time 450
Captain Reach a 100,000 bounty 450
Bloodthirsty Get a 20 kill streak 500
Beast Slayer Defeat Kaido 3* times 500
Enemy of Nature Destroy 200 trees 600
The Terminator Defeat any boss 15 times 650
Cremator Kill 20 people by burn damage 700
Prosperous Reach 100 with 5 fruits 750
The Boundman Transform into gear 4 for the first time 750
The Phoenix Receive the Phoenix fruit by boss drop 780
Dragon Slayer Receive the Dragon fruit by boss drop 800
Talon Warrior Defeat Marco boss 5 times 800
Victorious (UNOBTAINABLE) Win 1 tournament 800
The Lucky One Spin a Legendary fruit 3 times 800
Warlord Reach 500.000 bounty 1000
Mr. Loaded Buy 1 mega Large gems bundle 1100
Scavenger Spin 1,000 times 1200
Yonko Reach 1,000,000 bounty 3000
Flame Emperor Reach level 100 with Flame fruit 1500
Desert King Reach level 100 with Sand fruit 1500
Unbreakable Reach level 100 with Barrier fruit 1500
Bomb Master Reach level 100 with Bomb fruit 1500
Chop Master Reach level 100 with Chop fruit 1500
Ghastly Spirit Reach level 100 with Darkness fruit 1500
Astral Conqueror Reach level 100 with Gravity fruit 1500
Frozen Demon Reach level 100 with Ice fruit 1500
Shining Warrior Reach level 100 with Light fruit 1500
Rumbling Master Reach level 100 with Quake 1500
Rubber Man Reach level 100 with Rubber fruit 1500
Smoke Master Reach level 100 with Smoke fruit 1500
The Scorcher Reach level 100 with Magma fruit 1500
Hawkeye Reach level 100 with Phoenix fruit 1500
The Ursidae Reach level 100 with Paw fruit 1500
Super Stretchy Reach level 100 with TimeSkip Rubber fruit 1500
King Draco Reach level 100 with Dragon fruit 750
Queen Draco Reach level 100 with Dragon fruit 750
Mad Scientist Reach level 100 with Gas fruit 1500
Captain Falcon Reach level 100 with Falcon fruit 1500
Dough King Reach max level (300) with Dough fruit 1000
Dough Queen Reach max level (300) with Dough fruit 1000
Kaminari Reach max level (300) with Lightning fruit 2000
Captain Punk Reach max level (300) with Magnet fruit 2000
King of the Beasts Reach max level (300) with Leopard fruit 1000
Queen of the Beasts Reach max level (300) with Leopard fruit 1000
Puppet Master Reach max level (300) with String fruit 2000
Ultimate Surgeon Reach Max level (300) with Ope fruit 2000
The Hydra Dragon Reach max level (300) with Venom fruit 2000
The Hybrid Reach max level (300) with DragonV2 1000
Incinerator Reach max level (300) with DragonV2 1000
Joy Boy Transform into Gear 5 for the first time 1000
Sun God Reach Max level (300) with Nika Fruit 1000
Sun Goddess Reach Max level (300) with Nika Fruit 1000
The Champion (UNOBTAINABLE) Reach 10 tournament wins 2000
The Ascended One Reach level 100 with 10 fruits 5000



Title Color Name             Requirement
Apricot Obtain 5 titles
Coral Obtain 10 titles
Emerald Obtain 15 titles
Spring Blossom Obtain 25* titles
Deep Ocean Obtain 40 titles
Red Blaze Obtain 60 titles
Royal Gold Obtain 100 titles