Monster Hunter Now Codes (May 2024)

To become an expert hunter, use all the Monster Hunter Now codes! Monster Hunter Now is great for getting you to exercise with exciting adventures! It’s fun to turn a simple trip to the grocery store into a journey. However, there are times when you might not have the time or energy to gather all the necessary resources.


Monster Hunter Now codes have made gameplay much easier. It can be frustrating to constantly run out of Paintballs and Potions, so redeeming all the codes quickly is recommended.

All Monster Hunter Now codes listed below were fully functional when this post was written. If you discover any of these codes are no longer valid or have expired, please inform us so we can remove them from the list.

What is Monster Hunter Now?

Monster Hunter Now is a free augmented reality (AR) mobile game set in the world of the popular Monster Hunter series. In this game, monsters from the series appear in our world, and players must go outside to stop them. The game is about exploring your surroundings, finding and defeating enemies, and completing quests. You can learn different skills, craft weapons, and reach your full potential. You can play the game alone or team up with others to take down the toughest monsters.

All Monster Hunter Now codes list

When searching for Monster Hunter Now codes, you may come across many websites claiming to have active and working codes. However, not all of them are reliable because they don’t check and verify the codes.

Unlike those sites, we verify every code before updating them here. We’ve done the same with the following Monster Hunter Now codes.

Monster Hunter Now codes (Working)

  • MHNOW15M—Redeem for 5,000 Zenny, 2 Hunt-a-thon Tickets, and 2 Potions

Monster Hunter Now codes (Expired)

  • MHN6MA2024
  • MHNOW20M
  • MHNow10M
  • MHN5M

How to redeem codes in Monster Hunter Now

If you’re unsure how to redeem Monster Hunter Now codes, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Monster Hunter Now redemption website using your game account.
  2. Enter a code into the “Enter offer code” box.
  3. Click “Apply.”
  4. Open Monster Hunter Now on your device to claim your rewards.

How to get more Monster Hunter Now codes

The easiest way to get all the Monster Hunter Now codes is by saving this page. We gather all the codes as soon as they’re available and list them here for your convenience. But if you like the excitement of finding codes yourself, you can search for them on social media. Start by checking out one of the following accounts:

Why are my Monster Hunter Now codes not working?

Your Monster Hunter Now codes could not be working because of the following reasons. You could be typing the code into the text box incorrectly. Make sure that when you type out the code, all the spelling and grammar are correct and that you add the punctuation. Codes across all Roblox games can expire within hours, so make sure you check back often and claim the codes as quickly as possible.

Other ways to get free rewards in Monster Hunter Now

In addition to Monster Hunter Now codes, the game offers free Daily Supply Items and Season Supply Items that you might miss. To access them, go to the Shop and choose the Supply Items option. This allows you to collect more useful items, like extra Potions. If you like the social aspect of the game, you can get a head start by joining the official Discord server. By doing so, you’ll receive a reward bundle containing a free Pink Paintball, Wander Orb, and DevilJho Sphere.

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