Pirates Destiny Trello Link, Discord & Wiki Guide

This guide provides the Trello link for Roblox Pirates Destiny and a wiki guide with important information about the game.


Pirates Destiny is a challenging multiplayer combat game on Roblox. It features unique classes with special abilities, tough enemies, and a complex combat system, making it very engaging.

One of the best things about Pirates Destiny is that it encourages players to explore and enjoy the amazing world of the anime series One Piece. If you’re a regular or new player, save this page. It has the Trello and social links for the game, along with a detailed wiki guide.

Pirates Destiny Trello Link

Here’s the active Trello link for Pirates Destiny. You can use it to access the public version of the game’s official Trello board:

Pirates Destiny Trello link

Pirates Destiny Discord & Other Social Links

Here are the social links for Pirates Destiny. Use them to join the official channels for the game.

Pirates Destiny Wiki

Here’s a wiki for Pirates Destiny that aims to provide accurate information about the game:


Here are the default controls for Pirates Destiny:

  • CTRL – Run
  • F – Block
  • Q – Dash
  • M – Menu
  • P – Map
  • G – Crew
  • J – Enhance

All Cursed Fruits

Here are all of the Pirates Destiny cursed fruits!

  • Cursed Fruit of Invisibility
  • Cursed Fruit of Weight
  • Cursed Fruit of Pieces
  • Cursed Fruit of Explosion
  • Cursed Fruit of Barrier
  • Cursed Fruit of Love
  • Cursed Fruit of Light
  • Cursed Fruit of San
  • Cursed Fruit of Ice
  • Cursed Fruit of Flame
  • Cursed Fruit of Smoke

All Weapons

Here are all of the Pirates Destiny weapons that you can use.

  • Cutlass
  • Mace
  • Katana
  • Claws
  • Jitte
  • Shark Blade
  • Battle Spear
  • Butcher’s Knife
  • Tonfas

Fighting Styles

These are all of the current Fighting Styles in Pirates Destiny.

  • Combat – Combat is the basis of all fights; anyone who ventures into these seas should know how to pack a punch.
  • Mirror Combat – Sure, you’ve pecked a punch, take a few even – you’ve grown with that and gotten strong on your own. Some, however, would rather upgrade their styles instead of their strength.
  • Black Leg – Fights in these waters can be chaotic, and you might wonder whose blood is on your fists – your opponent’s or yours from their blows. If you prefer a clean fight and want to match or exceed your enemies’ power, the Black Leg style is for you!
  • Fishman Karate – You might be strong, but that’s nothing compared to the power of Fishman Karate. It’s the next level of hand-to-hand combat and a great way to counter Cursed Fruits. It’s what separates hitting hard from hitting with real impact. Though they might look similar, anyone who sees it knows the difference.


These are all of the islands you can go to in Pirates Destiny.

  • Starter Island
  • Starter Marine Island
  • Whiskey Peak
  • Marine Shell
  • Orange Town
  • Syrup Village
  • Arlong Park
  • Logue Town
  • Arcenkaina

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