Psychis Battleground Trello Link, Discord & Wiki Guide (June 2024)

Psychis Battleground on Roblox has a Trello link and a wiki guide. These resources provide important information about the game.


Save this page if you play Psychis Battleground on Roblox! Here, you’ll find the Trello link, social links, and a detailed wiki guide for the game. Psychis Battleground is a thrilling arena fighter where you can use both weapons and magic. You can change between two powerful “Souls” during battles, adding variety and excitement to each fight.

Psychis Battleground Trello Link

Use this Trello link to access the public Trello board for Psychis Battleground:

Pyschis Battleground Trello Link

Psychis Battleground Discord And Other Social Links

These are the social links for Psychis Battleground. You can use them to join the official Discord channels for the game.

Check out this detailed wiki for accurate information about the game.

Psychis Battleground Controls

These are the controls for Psychis Battleground:

  • 1 – Slot 1
  • 2 – Slot 2
  • Left Alt – Camera Lock
  • M1/X/C/V – Skills
  • Z – Toggle Sprint
  • Hold F – Block
  • Hold G – Charge Mana
  • R – Parry
  • Spacebar – Jump
  • Spacebar During Jump – Double jump
  • Shift + Space During Jump – Airwalk

Psychis Battleground Weapon Souls

Here’s all the information about Weapon Souls in Psychis Battleground:

Soul Of The Chained

  • X – FREEDOM IS A CURSE: The player creates a chain of magical energy that traps the enemy, pulling them closer and making them easy to attack again.
  • C – CHAIN DANCE: The player spins their chains quickly, creating a fast and deadly series of hits that leave their opponents stunned.

Soul Of The Noble

  • X – GOLDEN STORM: The player swings their sword, releasing a golden slash that travels in a straight line and can hit multiple enemies at once.
  • C – GOLDEN ASSAULT: The player summons a golden sword and quickly lunges straight at their target, delivering a powerful strike that breaks through defenses.

Soul Of Rift

  • X – VOID-RIFT DIVIDER: The player uses dark energy to create a rift that destroys everything in its path with one smooth motion. Enemies affected by the SPATIAL TEAR debuff cannot block this attack and are then hit by a barrage of spatial swords.
  • C – SPATIAL REAVER ASCENT: The player moves forward very quickly, and when they hit something, it releases a burst of spatial energy, sending enemies flying upward. If you hold down the SPACE key after landing this attack, you can perform an air combo.

Soul Of The Tides

  • M1 – SLASH
  • X – SATURATING STREAM: Summon a flood to trap nearby enemies in a watery prison. Inside this watery world, trapped enemies fight against strong currents, making it hard for them to escape.
  • ALT X – SATURATING STREAM: Lifting their trident high, the player taps into the deep power of the ocean. As the trident shines with the essence of the sea, the player becomes stronger and more resilient.
  • C – CATARACT RIPPLE: The player jumps into the air with the trident raised high, harnessing the power of water. When they reach the highest point, they bring the trident crashing down with great force at a chosen spot.
  • ALT C – Make a more powerful version of the first move while also creating an area that causes damage over time.

Soul Of The Elegant

  • M1 – SLASH
  • X – SWAN NEEDLES: Skillfully prepare and release a stunning series of attacks. Each move is graceful like a swan’s dance, but also very accurate.
  • C – LORDLY SKEWER: A mix of elegance and fast attacks that leave enemies in pain. The player stabs their opponent with the rapier’s tip. Once hit, the opponent is slashed by many rapid cuts.

Psychis Battleground Magic Souls

Here’s what you need to know about Magic Souls in Psychis Battleground:

Soul Of Ymir

  • M1 – MANA PUNCH: The player uses their magic to deliver a powerful punch filled with mana. This hit drains some of the target’s energy, taking a portion of their mana upon impact.
  • X – WINTER’S BLESSING: The player creates a strong defense using icy power. Shimmering frost shields surround them, making them invulnerable to two attacks.
  • C – ICE ERUPTION: The player releases the power of winter by stomping on the ground, causing a massive event. The earth shakes as huge ice spikes burst upward with great force.
  • V – FROZEN DOMAIN: The player uses their energy to create an icy domain. In this area, enemies move slowly and take continuous damage from the intense cold.

Soul Of Agni

  • M1 – MANA PUNCH: The player harnesses their magical power into a powerful punch. This punch is filled with raw mana and drains the target’s energy. Upon impact, the player siphons some of the target’s mana.
  • X – WISPS OF FLAME: The player summons three glowing fireballs that move with a mystical light. Directed by the player’s will, these flames seek out their target, leaving a path of burning embers behind.
  • V – FLAMING BARRICADE: The player uses their fiery power to create a huge fireball crackling with intense heat. When it hits, it causes a massive explosion.
  • PASSIVE: Attacks cause the BURNING debuff, which damages the opponent for 4 or 5 ticks of 1 damage, depending on the move.

Soul Of Enlil

  • M1 – MANA PUNCH: The player channels their magical power into a powerful punch. This strike, filled with raw mana, connects with the target and drains their energy. Upon impact, the player siphons some of the target’s mana.
  • X – STORMBRINGER’S FURY: With a forward flip, the player channels their anger into a powerful kick that hits the ground with a thunderous impact.
  • ALT X – STORMBRINGER’S FURY: The player flips in the air and lands a lightning-charged kick, creating a powerful line of lightning strikes that scorch the ground.
  • C – SPARK BLITZ: The user suddenly moves from one place to another and delivers a powerful kick charged with lightning energy.
  • ALT C – SPARK BLITZ: The user charges ahead like a strong wind, hitting their opponents with powerful kicks filled with lightning energy, one after another.
  • V – CALL OF THUNDER: The user moves really fast, jumping up and appearing high above a spot they’re aiming for. As they come down, they deliver a powerful kick to the ground, causing a big explosion of lightning.
  • ALT V – CALL OF THUNDER: The Stormbringer moves in a captivating dance around their chosen target. They keep appearing and disappearing quickly, hitting their victim with a continuous series of kicks.
  • PASSIVE: When you use a skill (or 5th m1), you get the STATIC effect. Certain skills need this effect to work. Press and hold the ALT SKILL button when using a skill to use its alternative version.

Soul Of Boreas

  • M1
  • X
  • C

Soul Of Astraeus

  • M1 – MANA PUNCH: The user focuses their mystical strength into a powerful punch. This punch is filled with the strong energy of mana and hits the target, taking some of their energy away. When they hit, the user takes some of the target’s mana.
  • X – HEAVENLY WINDS: By using the mystical power of the winds, the user embraces the grace they’re given. It’s like feeling refreshed by a soft breeze that brings energy to the soul. They become faster, use less energy, and when they attack, they give their target the WINDED debuff.
  • C – TEMPEST VORTEX: The user creates a spinning disk of wind that moves forward really fast. When it hits something, it bursts into a powerful vortex, swirling around and pulling enemies into the air. The user can jump into this vortex to launch themselves into the air too.
  • V – FIST OF THE NORTH WINDS: The user focuses their inner power, gathering a storm in their fist. They then deliver a strong punch, filled with the power of northern winds. When they hit enemies with this punch, it makes them tired and gives them the WINDED debuff.
  • PASSIVE: Some attacks can give the WINDED debuff. This debuff slows down how quickly those affected regain their energy and stops them from jumping in the air.

Soul Of Eos

  • M1 – MANA PUNCH: The user focuses their magical ability into a powerful punch. This punch is filled with the strong energy of mana and hits the target, taking some of their energy away. When they hit, the person takes some of the target’s mana.
  • X – RADIANT BOLTS: Create beams of bright light, shooting them quickly and accurately at the opponent. Each beam carries the intense brightness of the light.
  • C – LUMINOUS PROJECTION: Make shiny mirrors of light, stepping through them to appear with style. Then, with a powerful kick, create a big explosion of dazzling light that covers the area.
  • V – TEARS OF THE SKY: Summon a rain of glowing spears from the sky to fall on a chosen spot, lighting up and piercing the area with a stunning shower of bright projectiles.

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