Roblox Islands Trello Link And Wiki

For Roblox Islands, this guide shares the Trello link and wiki guide, offering important game information.


Roblox Islands is a game on Roblox where you can build your own island, make big farms, raise animals, sell items for money, fight monsters and bosses, cook food, and more. The game has lots of things to do and is always getting new updates with more content.

To help you stay informed about Roblox Islands, we’ve created a detailed guide with links to the game’s Trello, Discord, and other important resources, along with a wiki guide for general information.

Roblox Islands Trello Link

Here is the official Trello link for Roblox Islands:

Roblox Islands Trello link
Update: Currently, the Trello link for Roblox Islands is not accessible.

Roblox Islands Discord And Other Links

Discord and other important links for Roblox Islands are listed below:

Roblox Islands Wiki

Check out the wiki guide for Roblox Islands. It has all the information you need to know about the game.

Note: This wiki is a work in progress.

Roblox Islands Controls

Here are the basic controls for Roblox Islands:

  • [Shift]: Sprint
  • [Q]: Drop item
  • [Ctrl]: Lock camera
  • [J]: Skills page
  • [E]: Inventory
  • [Shift + P]: Freecam (VIP or PRO pass)
  • [Z or X]: Switch Arrows
  • [C]: Use Mount

Roblox Islands All Villagers

Here is a list of all the villagers you will encounter during your journey in Roblox Islands:

  • Hub Area
    • Ivon (Adventurer)
    • Petur (Baker)
    • Arius (Totems)
    • John (Blocks)
    • Fulco (Florist)
    • Taliyah (Animals)
    • Jack (Mechanic)
    • Thomas (Fisherman)
    • Dom (Wholesaler)
    • Melody (Musician)
    • Hannah (Pirate Captain)
    • Doug (Oil Baron)
    • Quinn (Artist)
    • Jade (Miner)
    • Don (Maple Captain)
    • Arius (Travelling Pirate)
    • Evans (Slayer Pirate)
    • Hannah (Pirate Captain)
    • Terri (Botanist Pirate)
    • Ruby (Miner Pirate)
    • Odlum (Fisherman Pirate)Player’s Island
  • Desert Island
    • Azur (Desert Nomad)
    • Amber (Weaponsmith)
    • Amir (Merchant)
    • Rick (Animals)
    • Maria (Crops)
  • Maple Isles
    • Emma (Berry Farmer)
    • Bailey (Maple Baker)
    • Don (Maple Captain / Maple Warrior)
    • Kontos (Traveling Mercenary)
  • Void Isles
    • Larry (Explorer)
    • Bobalok (Unknown)
  • Other Locations
    • Jed (Miner)
    • Catherine (Spirit Merchant)

Roblox Islands All Weapon Category And Weapons In Them

Here are the weapon types in Roblox Islands, along with a list of all the weapons they include:

  • Light Melee Weapon
    • Wooden Sword
    • Stone Sword
    • Iron Sword
    • Aquamarine Sword
    • Rageblade
    • Cactus Spike
    • Cutlass
    • Diamond Great Sword
    • The Captain’s Rapier
    • Frost Sword
    • Ruby Sword
    • Serpent’s Hook
    • Jolly Dagger
    • Noxious Stinger
  • Heavy Melee Weapon
    • Wooden Mallet
    • Granite Hammer
    • Iron War Axe
    • Gilded Steel Hammer
    • Diamond War Hammer
    • Obsidian Greatsword
    • Kong’s Axe
    • The Dragonslayer
    • Pumpkin Hammer
    • Antler Hammer
    • Frost Hammer
    • Infernal Hammer
    • Trout’s Fury
    • Serpent’s Bane
    • The Reaper’s Scythe
  • Shields
    • Maple Shield
    • Antler Shield
  • Ranged Weapon
    • Archery
      • Wooden Shortbow
      • Golden Shortbow
      • Iron Shortbow
      • Ancient Longbow
      • Azarathian Longbow
      • The Reaper’s Crossbow
    • Magic
      • Spellbook
      • Tidal Spellbook
      • Staff of Godzilla
      • Lightning Scepter
      • Ruby Staff
      • Spirit Spellbook
      • Slime Queen’s Scepter
      • Candy Cane Scepter
  • Event Weapons
    • Cutlass
    • Staff of Godzilla
    • Kong’s Axe
    • Pumpkin Hammer
    • Frost Sword
    • Frost Hammer
    • Trout’s Fury
    • The Reaper’s Scythe
    • The Reaper’s Crossbow
    • Candy Cane Scepter
    • Jolly Dagger

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