Second Piece Codes (April 2024)

Stay updated with the newest Second Piece codes here! Second Piece is a game you might enjoy if you’re a fan of the One Piece series. In this game, your main goal is to battle enemies and level up, but with a unique twist of finding Devil Fruits to boost your abilities.


Using Second Piece codes gives you helpful items like rerolls. Make sure to redeem them while they’re still valid, or you’ll miss out on valuable rewards.

All Second Piece codes list

Active Second Piece codes

  • !code KamishWrath—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required) (New)
  • !code RaidJustice—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 8,000 required) (New)
  • !code NoMoreAltForRaidCoin—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required) (New)
  • !code Kokushibo—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required) (New)
  • !code TripleShutdownEEE—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 8,500 required)
  • !code DoubleShutdownAta—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 8,500 required)
  • !code Clover—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 8,500 required)
  • !code ShutdownMahou—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code QualityOfLifee—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code PortalTicket—Redeem for Portal Ticket
  • !code Frieren—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code Viserys—Redeem for 15k Gems
  • !code Tywin—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code Mei—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code NeoOnLow—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code CID—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code HiguramaSoon—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code Draconic—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code Balerion—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code AegonTargaryen—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code damagebug—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls and 35k Gems (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code FirstMen—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code eddardstarrk—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code housetargaryen—Redeem for Race Reroll and 5000 Gems
  • !code gojoontop—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code chxmei—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code sukunaontop—Redeem for 5 Race Rerolls
  • !code jjkupdatepart2isreal—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 7,500 required)
  • !code techniquefromtheheianera—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)
  • !code qualityoflife—Redeem for Rerolls (lvl 5,000 required)

Expired Second Piece codes

  • There are currently no expired Second Piece codes.

How to redeem codes in Second Piece

Here’s how you can redeem codes in Second Piece:

  1. Open Second Piece in Roblox.
  2. Find the chat box in the top-left corner.
  3. Type the code into the chat text field.
  4. Press Enter to claim your prize!

How to get more Second Piece codes

Join the Second Piece Discord server to get the latest codes. Alternatively, you can bookmark this article and check back regularly for new codes.

Why are my Second Piece codes not working?

If your Silly Second Piece codes aren’t working, there could be a few reasons why. First, double-check that you’re entering the codes correctly, as they’re sensitive to capitalization. Also, see if the codes have expired, as some may no longer be valid. To avoid making mistakes when entering codes, you can copy the code you want to use and paste it directly into the text box. This way, you won’t have to worry about typing errors.

Other ways to get free rewards in Second Piece

Currently, there are no free rewards available in Second Piece other than codes. Check the official Discord occasionally for giveaways and special events announced by the developer.

What is Second Piece?

Second Piece is a thrilling Roblox game where you fight enemies and use Devil Fruits to get powerful abilities. If this sounds like One Piece to you, that’s because the game is inspired by the anime series. You can explore islands, complete quests to earn XP, and make your character stronger to become the best fighter and defeat all your enemies.

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