Codes (July 2024)

Get free Gems, Energy, Revival Coins, and more by using the latest codes! is a mobile survival game where you battle hordes of zombies solo. Survive their attacks, gather weapons and skills, and fight back. Collect tech parts to boost your stats, unlock new characters with special abilities, and finish all chapters. is an exciting battle royale game where players compete against each other to be the last one standing. It features fast-paced gameplay, where you must scavenge for weapons, armor, and resources while staying inside a shrinking play zone.

Codes in are essential as they provide players with free in-game items like Gems, Energy, and Revival Coins. These items can give you an edge in the game, helping you survive longer and increase your chances of winning. By redeeming codes, you can get valuable resources that would otherwise take time to earn through gameplay.

Stay updated with the latest codes to maximize your rewards and improve your chances of survival in! codes listed below were fully functional when this post was written. If you discover any of these codes are no longer valid or have expired, please inform us so we can remove them from the list.

All codes list

When searching for codes, you may come across many websites claiming to have active and working codes. However, not all of them are reliable because they don’t check and verify the codes.

Unlike those sites, we verify every code before updating them here. We’ve done the same with the following codes. codes (Working)

  • summerheat—Redeem for free rewards (New)
  • GrainFull—Redeem for free rewards
  • summerchild—Redeem for 100 Gems and 20 Energy
  • twiXmay—Redeem for 215 Gems, 3 Net Arrows, 30 Energy Random Survivor Shards
  • Goldenweek24—Redeem for 200 Gems, 5 Net Arrows, 3 Random Survivor Shards
  • Springrain—Redeem for Gems and Energy
  • SpringOuting—Redeem for Gems and Energy
  • tiktokup—Redeem for Gems and Energy
  • Equinox—Redeem for Gems and Energy
  • AwekeningNow—Redeem for Gems and Energy
  • 2024LNY—Redeem for Gems and Energy
  • topsurvivor—Redeem for 200 Gems, 10 Energy, and 3 Revival Coins
  • LUCKY2024—Redeem for 200 Gems, 10 Energy, and 1 Revival Coin
  • dadasurvivor—Redeem for 1 Collectible Chest Key, 1 S Supply Key, 1 EDF Key, and 1 Pawerful Pet Chest Key
  • MajorCold—Redeem for 200 Gems and 10 Energy
  • anniversary—Redeem for 100 Gems, 10 Energy, and 20k Gold
  • CHRISTMAS—Redeem for 200 Gems, 10 Energy, and 1 Revival Coin
  • COMEBACK—Redeem for 100 Gems, 2 Revival Coins, and 2 Pawerful Pet Chest Keys codes (Expired)

  • minorcold
  • 20christmas23
  • HeatNow
  • googlebest2023
  • thanksturkey23
  • anniversary
  • snowdonia
  • gogohalloween
  • frostfall
  • autumnsport
  • FallBreeze
  • obon2023
  • Autumn88
  • deepsea2023
  • GreaterHeat
  • tanabata
  • summerday
  • GraininEar
  • tangtanggpkr
  • PlantNow
  • 2023Spring
  • kakao10gift
  • SpringArbor
  • DADA5000DC
  • survivor11
  • 20challenge23
  • LOVE2023
  • SURVIVOR2301
  • LNY2023
  • LUCKY2023
  • XMAS2022IO
  • 20Thanksgiving22
  • mapleleaves
  • halloween31
  • pumpkin
  • HeatNow
  • TW10000VIP888
  • 11survivorio08
  • survivorio811
  • survivor11
  • 811survivorio
  • survivoriotop1
  • no1zombie
  • beryl41
  • namin1004
  • dinter888
  • orange0818
  • stanley234
  • et1231777
  • akaoni1207
  • dinter001
  • oni666
  • crazyface777
  • 40shuteye
  • stanley888
  • yesranger666
  • dinter777
  • scsc777

How to redeem codes in

To redeem codes in, follow these steps:

  1. Open on your device.
  2. Tap on your avatar in the top-left corner.
  3. Copy your Player ID.
  4. Visit the gift code page.
  5. Paste your ID into the designated text box.
  6. Copy and paste a code into the code text box.
  7. Solve the Verification Code captcha.
  8. Click Redeem.
  9. Check your in-game mailbox for your rewards.

How to get more codes

We’re always on the lookout for new promo codes, so remember to bookmark this page. Check back regularly to stay updated and never miss out on new codes. The codes are often shared on the game’s social media accounts, so it can be challenging to find them all. If you enjoy the excitement of hunting for codes, be sure to check these sources:

Why are my codes not working?

When entering your promo codes, be cautious of spelling mistakes, as they are a common problem. Also, double-check that you’ve correctly entered the verification captcha, as it can be difficult to read at times. If you continue to experience issues, it’s possible that a code has expired. Most codes only remain valid for a short period, so it’s best to redeem them quickly to claim your rewards.

Other ways to get free rewards in

To get more free rewards in, join the official Discord server. You’ll have access to cool giveaways and can claim a free monthly gift. If you prefer not to join communities, you can also earn resources in-game. Complete tasks and daily challenges, and log in regularly to collect the free 30 Gems in the Daily Shop.

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