The First Descendant Codes (July 2024)

The codes for The First Descendant can improve your game by giving you free upgrades and useful items for tough battles. These codes help you get better gear and upgrades to make your gameplay easier and more fun.


What is The First Descendant?

The game features four-player co-op in a third-person multiplayer looter shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world with magic, aliens, and fast action. You pick a hero, go on missions with three others, and complete tasks to win. Each hero has their own strengths and weaknesses. Between games, you can change your weapons to fit your needs. As you level up, you get better gear and stronger abilities to help you advance.

All The First Descendant codes list

When searching for The First Descendant codes, you may come across many websites claiming to have active and working codes. However, not all of them are reliable because they don’t check and verify the codes.

Unlike those sites, we verify every code before updating them here. We’ve done the same with the following The First Descendant codes.

Working The First Descendant codes

  • There are currently no active The First Descendant codes.

Expired The First Descendant Codes

  • There are currently no expired The First Descendant codes.

How to get more The First Descendant coupon codes

We’re always searching for new The First Descendant codes, so be sure to save this page. Come back often to stay informed and get the latest codes. Codes are usually posted on the game’s social media, so it can be challenging to find them all. If you like hunting for codes, make sure to check these source:

More ways to get free rewards in The First Descendant

In addition to using The First Descendant codes, you can get great prizes through Twitch drops. Go to The First Descendant Twitch drops page and watch live streams to earn exclusive rewards. If you experience any bugs or glitches, you’ll receive compensation rewards, so check your in-game mailbox regularly and claim them quickly.

How to redeem codes in The First Descendant

Follow these simple steps to redeem The First Descendant codes quickly:

  1. Open The First Descendant on your PC or console.
  2. Press Esc (Menu button on Xbox or Options button on PlayStation) to open the Game Menu.
  3. Click the Options button.
  4. Go to the Account tab and click Enter.
  5. Type your code into the Enter Coupon text field.
  6. Press Confirm to redeem your code.

Why are my The First Descendant codes not working?

If your The First Descendant codes aren’t working, there could be a few reasons why. First, double-check that you’re entering the codes correctly, as they’re sensitive to capitalization. Also, see if the codes have expired, as some may no longer be valid. To avoid making mistakes when entering codes, you can copy the code you want to use and paste it directly into the text box. This way, you won’t have to worry about typing errors.

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