Type Soul Trello Link And Wiki

Here’s where you can find the Roblox Type Soul Trello link and wiki guide. It’s got all the important info you need for the game.


Type Soul is a popular Roblox game that’s a lot like Bleach, a famous manga and anime by Tite Kubo. It’s a roleplaying game where you can experience similar things to Bleach.

Whether you’re thinking about playing or already enjoying the game, this guide has what you need. We’ll provide you with the official Trello link, social media links, and a comprehensive wiki to help you out.

Type Soul Trello Link

Check out the official Trello link for Roblox Type Soul here:

Type Soul Trello link

Here are the social links for Type Soul, including Discord:

Type Soul Wiki

Check out the wiki guide for Roblox Type Soul. It has all the information you need to know about the game.

Type Soul Controls

Here are the basic controls for Type Soul:

  • Left Alt: Shift-lock
  • Ctrl + K: Hollow transformations/Mask rip
  • J: Shikai
  • Ctrl + J: Bankai/Second Resurrección
  • Q: Dash
  • Z X C: Shikai/Partial Moveset
  • T G: Bankai/Res/Volt Moveset
  • R: Critical
  • N: Inventory/Skill tree
  • M: Meditate
  • P: Purify Lost Soul
  • B: Grip/Eat if Hollow
  • V: Carry
  • Comma: Toggle map markers inside Soul Society

Note: This wiki is a work in progress.

How To Become Soul Reaper

In Type Soul, you can become a Soul Reaper by talking to the NPC named Kisuke and following his instructions. you can locate Kisuke in Karakura Town.

How To Become Hollow

By pressing CTRL+K in Type Soul, you can transform into a Hollow.

How to Become Quincy

Enter the Wanden gate in Karakura Town to begin your journey as a Quincy in Type Soul. Inside Wanden, seek out a statue with a white glowing sword and interact with it.

Type Soul Key Locations

Here are some important places you’ll discover as you progress in Type Soul:

  • Bawabawa Spawn
  • Jidanbo Spawn
  • Accessory Shop
  • KT Raid Shop
  • XP Checker
  • Trading NPC

Type Soul All Raids

Here’s a list of all the Raids you can join and complete in Type Soul:

Faction Raids

  • Conquest
  • Art of the Soul
  • Gladiators

Karakura Town Raids

  • King of the Hill
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag

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