Updates refer to changes or modifications made to the game after its initial release. These updates can include a variety of elements, such as:

New Content: Updates can bring in new stuff like different fruits, characters, places, or ways to play the game. This gives players new things to try and adds more challenges to the game.

Balancing Changes: Updates might make things fairer in the game by changing how strong or skilled certain fruits, characters, or features are. This helps ensure that everyone has a better and more even playing experience.

Bug Fixes: Updates usually fix problems or mistakes that players find in the game. This makes the game work better, and it’s more stable and performs well.

Quality of Life Improvements: Updates sometimes make the game easier and more fun for players by improving how things look on the screen, the way you control the game, or the overall experience while playing.

Events and Special Features: Updates can bring in special events, challenges, or features for a limited time to make the game more interesting. This encourages players to join in and be a part of the game.

Performance Enhancements: Updates might make the game run better by improving how smoothly it plays. This can mean less lag or waiting time when things load, giving players a better experience.

Here’s a rundown of all the changes and improvements in Fruit Battlegrounds.

The game was released in March 2020, introducing new fruits like Sand, Chop, Barrier, Ice, Darkness, Bomb, Light, Flame, Quake, and Gravity. They also added the Village of Dressrosa and the Forest of Dressrosa. The level cap was set to 250.

  1. Magma update
  • Added Magma fruit (0.35%)
  • Game became Xbox compatible
  • Added 18 new titles
  • Kill feed UI added
  • Bounty leaderboards
  • Mobile controls and flight improved
  • Bounty cooldown
  • Added spin warning
  • Push block breaks (Gravity)
  • Fist and Eruption block breaks (Quake)
  • Great Meteor block breaks (Gravity)
  • Invisible glitch fixed
  • Dark End projectile speed buffed heavily (Dark)
  • Aiming skills are much more consistent
  • Performance slightly improved
  • Flight drains much more stamina (Light)
  • Mirror Kick improved (Light)
  • Jewels Of Light cooldown increase (Light)
  • Blinding combo buffed (Light)
  • Nerfed Sand skills -Swamp and Sables: Pesado-
  • A ton of bug fixes
  • Fixed skill cache glitch
  1. Phoenix Update
  1. Paw update
  1. TSRubber update
  • Added TSRubber (0.06%)
  • Increased the chance of spinning Phoenix (0.03->0.07)
  1. Dragon update
  1. Dough update
  • Added Dough (0.05%)
  • 2x luck
  1. Lightning update
  1. Leopard and Magnet update
  1. Ope update
  • Added Ope (0.02%)
  1. Venom and a new game mode update
  • Added Venom (0.02%)
  • Added new game mode (Tournament)
  • Fixed Xbox lag and minor bugs and glitches
  1. Nika Update
  1. Dragon v2 update
  1. Ice and Magma V2 Updated
  • Added (IceV2 and MagmaV2) (Both legendary 0.14)
  • Fixed bugs
  • Remade the Dressrossa map into covered Snow, The Fountain is now a giant Christmas tree
  • Added Ice and Magma awakening
  • Fixed some mobile lag
  • 2 brand new Titles