In the game, there are two bosses: Kaido and Marco. Kaido fights using Hassaikai in the first phase, then changes into a Dragon in the second phase. Kaido’s damage level with the dragon fruit is the same as Marco’s, both at level one.

Kaido will spawn every hour and will despawn after 18 minutes.


Physical Dragon fruit (1% Drop chance, 2% with 2x Boss Drops)

  • You must do at least 800 damage to be able to receive the drop.

Gems (Max of 550) and EXP (Max of 24,000)


Kaido’s is in Wano, located in The Live Floor at Mansion


  • It’s best to have exactly three players who have unlocked all their moves team up against Kaido.
  • Some fruits might seem strong because they’re rare or good in PvP, but they don’t work well against this boss, like IceV2 (it can do great combos but has weak damage against Kaido). Try using fruits like Nika, which are strong in both PvP and boss fights. You can check if a fruit works well against this boss by trying it out or asking for advice online (try the POPO Discord server).
  • Kaido might sometimes get frozen when trying to use a move, probably in Phase 1, and if he’s frozen, Phase 2 gets frozen too. It’s not a good idea to try and freeze him during the fight, but if it happens, you might use it to your advantage.
  • Long-range moves are useful for this boss, as most of Dragon’s moves are close range.
  • When your screen turns red, stop what you’re doing and move away from Kaido because a red rain will come down. Even if it’s hard to avoid getting hit by the rain when you start moving after seeing the red screen, it can reduce the damage. Use moves like Nika’s transformation Attacks 5 and 6, or Nika’s Gear 5 transformation, which makes you invincible, to dodge it.
  • When Kaido tries his beam attack and misses, he gets stuck until the beam stops. Take this chance to hit him hard or repeatedly with strong attacks.
  • If you aim to fight Kaido alone (probably because of a glitch in the Wano private server preventing others from joining), make sure you’re at least level 210. You might face around three defeats (tested using Nika).
  • If you’re fighting Kaido alone and you appear far away from his door after respawning, try resetting your character. You might respawn closer to the door on The Live Floor, saving time.
  • Certain moves, like Nika’s transformation attack 2 and some of IceV2’s moves, can cause a glitch during Kaido’s Phase 2. This glitch is bad because it gives Kaido a big advantage. It makes Kaido’s image freeze in one place, but his real hitbox and Health Bar become invisible. If you don’t have a move to reveal him, like a burn, freeze, or special fruit, this boss becomes really hard to beat.
  • There’s a glitch that makes Kaido go out of the usual boundaries when your attacks push him beyond the invisible barriers. Even though attacks can still reach him, Kaido’s red rain and purple attacks might hit you easily. Thankfully, you can bring Kaido back inside the normal area by using moves like Darkness, DragonV2 (if he’s in range), or Gravity.
  • During battles with Kaido, there’s a bug that stops you from transforming even when your transformation bar is full. For example, with Nika, if you reach 100% but then die, trying to transform into Gear 5 might prevent you from using Drums of Liberation. This bug also occurs often with TSRubber and Phoenix, so keep an eye out for it.