Nika is a Mythical fruit, unique with the “Joy Boy” Title upon activating Gear 5.

It’s an improved TSRubber version, accessible through spinning or achieving prerequisites with Time Skip Rubber. You can switch back and forth between Nika and TSRubber.

Reaching Max level (300) earns the titles “Sun God” and “Sun Goddess” for this fruit, added during the Nika update.


Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 1)           Roc Gun              The user swiftly retracts their hand, instantly covering it in haki, and then rapidly inflates it. Afterward, they forcefully strike the target (selected cursor) with the enlarged fist, crackling with conquerors haki and flames. This move cannot be blocked and consumes 40 Stamina. It deals 97.5 damage (full strength).
Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 12)         Neo Red Hawk  Upon activation, the user crouches briefly, then swiftly dashes forward, seemingly teleporting while drawing their hand backward. As the user reaches the enemy, they thrust forward with a flaming fist, launching the opponent into a spinning motion before sending them sprawling backward, still ablaze. This move has auto-aim, consuming 60 Stamina. It can be blocked entirely; however, if the opponent fails to block during the second hit (when they are sent sprawling and aflame), they will still be knocked back. This attack deals 120 damage (full strength).
Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 24)         Roc Gatling         The user briefly gathers energy, surrounded by multiple small flaming fists imbued with haki, then launches a rapid barrage of these fiery fists at the enemy. Finishing the move, the user throws their arm back and strikes the opponent with a powerful final punch, akin to a Red Hawk, launching them away. The move can be blocked until the final punch, which bypasses blocks. This action consumes 65 Stamina and deals 200 damage (maximum strength).
Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 60)         Red roc After activating the ability, the user crouches down, gathering haki energy, and emitting a golden glow. Any nearby enemies are stunned and find it difficult to move. Then, the user teleports above the chosen target, sending an inflated, flaming fist backward. With crackling haki, the fist slams into the ground, causing rectangular rock debris and flames to scatter. This move bypasses blocks, consuming 60 Stamina and dealing 200 damage (maximum strength). Holding the move no longer provides invincibility frames except when launching the fist. If the opponent uses “soru” after the user throws the fist, they won’t be stunned unless they use “soru” after the initial hit.
Move 5 (Requirement: LV. 160)       Drums of Liberation        When activated, the user crouches, feeling a surge of energy crackling in the air with red and golden bolts. Using this move fills approximately 25% of the Liberation Meter. It enhances the damage of your first and second moves progressively, granting a 5% damage increase for the first two times and a 10% increase for the last two times, reaching a maximum of 30% additional damage. After four uses, the meter turns fully red, signaling “Gear 5,” initiating the transformation. During the transformation, the user is invulnerable to attacks.
Passive (Requirement: LV. 160)       Liberation Meter             Generates a meter on the player’s screen. This meter contains energy that refills during combat. You need a minimum of 25% in the bar to trigger the Drums of Liberation once.


Gear 5 Moveset

Passive (Requirement: LV. 160)       Gear 5 Gear 5   While in Gear 5, the user moves with a playful, cartoon-like run, bouncing around swiftly. Their jumping ability is heightened, allowing them to leap twice as high, displayed with a comical animation. Dashing is restricted unless the player possesses Soru. Regular punches are unavailable during Gear 5, limiting actions to using the moveset only. Moreover, all accessories and the user’s hair change to a white color.
Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 160)       Spinnning Top   This move lets you spin rapidly, creating lots of arm-like after-images. Holding it down makes it last longer, but it won’t increase the damage. You can grab enemies by running into them while spinning. It hits twice: once when grabbing the opponent, once at the move’s end. Finally, it throws the grabbed enemies into the air with an energy burst. It can’t be blocked and deals 95 damage at its highest level.
Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 160)       Dawn Rocket     The user grabs the enemy and teleports to them after a brief delay, slamming into them and pushing them back. It doesn’t stun the opponent when grabbed, so it can be blocked. Deals 95 damage at its highest level.
Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 160)       Mole Pistol Combo         The user jumps and thrusts their fist into the ground, causing it to repeatedly jump towards the enemy until it reaches them. Then the fist punches, grabs, and slams the enemy onto the floor. This move can be blocked. It has a nearly infinite range, catching opponents who are running away, especially when combined with flying moves like Hawk Rush or Hydra Cyclone. Deals 140 damage at its highest level.
Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 160)       Rising Bolt          A small cloud forms above the user, summoning lightning. The user grabs a bolt and throws it, moving slowly, making it useful in combinations. When it hits an enemy, it lifts them in the air and electrocutes them. Can’t be blocked. Deals 140 damage at maximum level.



Move 5 (Requirement: LV. 160)       Gigant Stamp    You jump up, moving incredibly fast, then suddenly grow to a huge size (as big as a large tree), and crash down, crushing enemies in a wide area. Afterward, you return to your normal size. Deals 225 damage at maximum level. Also breaks blocks.
Move 6 (LV. Requirement: 200)       Bajrang Gun       Upon activation, a powerful conquerors haki surrounds the user, stunning nearby enemies. The user leaps high onto a mysterious cloud in the sky and punches another cloud. After a brief pause, the clouds are torn apart by a colossal fist that stuns everyone beneath it. Slowly descending, the enormous fist pounds enemies, dealing substantial damage for a few seconds. Finally, a devastating blow shreds the health of foes and sends them flying.


Exceptionally high damage. If caught within the attack area, unavoidable. You might wonder, “What on earth is that person doing?” If hit by both the jump stun (30 damage) and the bajrang gun (400 dmg), it results in a total of 430 damage.

Move 7 (LV. Requirement: 160)       Gear 5   When pressed, will return you back to base form. 

Pros of Nika in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Extremely powerful attacks.
  • Effective in player versus player battles.
  • Challenging to counter during fights.
  • Obtained via TSRubber Awakening.
  • Capable of breaking shields with most moves.
  • Excellent stunning capability.
  • Impressive area-of-effect damage.
  • Moves that require charging (Red Roc, Bajrang Gun) immobilize opponents within their range.
  • Several moves inflict burning damage.

Cons of Nika in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Challenging to acquire.
  • Gear 5 activation requires pre-charging during PvP, making it risky to start charging during a fight.
  • Recharging from 0% takes a considerable time during PvP.
  • Facing opponents with this fruit can be challenging and might lead to losing bounty.
  • Blocked 2nd skill often leads to punishment (Base Form), especially when trying to follow up with moves like Roc Gun.
  • Gear 5 includes several blockable moves.
  • Only a few moves have invincibility frames: Red Roc (attacking), Giant Stamp, and Bajrang Gun.
  • Mode transition (Gear 5) has a delay, leaving you vulnerable to attacks and allowing opponents to land free hits.
  • Most moves have extended start-up times except for Neo Red Hawk.
  • Giant Stomp is tough to connect even when opponents are ragdolled due to its prolonged start-up time.


  • Rating
  • Damage: S+
  • Stun: A+
  • Range: A
  • Cooldown: B+
  • PvP/Bounty hunting: S+
  • Speed: B+ (A with Gear 5)
  • Mobility: A
  • Fun: S+


(While transformed) 4 – 1 – 3 – 6, another one is 4 – 3 – 1 – 2

(Not transformed or with Liberation meter) 2 – 3 – 1 – 4 OR 1 – 2 – 3 – 1 – 4 – 2 (If they are holding block a lot, I call this the Extent Combo)

(Not transformed or with Liberation meter) 2 – 1 – Soru – 3 – 4

(true combo) (mode) 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 6 – 2 – (de mode) – 2 – 3 – 4 – 2 – 1 (this combo does 1,640 damage)

(if attacked by a nika) they start with 2 then do 3 you block 2 and then do: 4 – 2 – (soru above them) 3 – 1