Leopard is classified as one of the seven Mythical fruits in the game.

Players earn the titles “King of the Beasts” or “Queen of the Beasts” upon reaching the maximum level (300) with this fruit. This addition to the game occurred during the Leopard and Magnet update.



Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 1)           Afterimage Combo         The user creates several copies of themselves that continuously damage opponents, pushing them in the user’s facing direction. Throughout the move, the user is invincible and it goes through blocks.
Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 12)         Spiral Kick           The user kicks a tornado-like projectile that ensnares players, lifting them into the air and causing significant damage. This move can bypass blocks.
Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 36)         Claw Barrage     The user rapidly shoots claw-shaped projectiles, finishing with two final ones and a roar. This move can be charged and can be fully blocked.
Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 52)         Predator’s Prowl              The user transforms into a leopard and dashes forward on all fours. While in this form, the leopard mauls anything it runs into and tosses them upward. The running speed decreases as the user’s health lowers (showing a blurry red screen). Once the health drops to 50, the user loses the ability to run but can still attack. This move bypasses blocks.
Move 5 (Requirement: LV. 105)       Transform           The user transforms into a hybrid form, blending characteristics of a leopard and a human.

 Transformed Moveset

M1 Slice & Dice        Upon clicking mouse1 (M1), execute a sequence of 4 attacks, each dealing considerable damage. The fourth M1 hit pushes the enemy forward.
Move 1 (Requirement: LV. 105)       Afterimage Combo         Larger scaled, same description.       
Move 2 (Requirement: LV. 105)       Spiral Kick           Larger scaled, same description.       
Move 3 (Requirement: LV. 105)       Claw Barrage     Larger scaled, same description.       
Move 4 (Requirement: LV. 116) Rokuogan           The user dashes swiftly towards the opponent, striking them with a powerful blast of energy after thrusting their fists into the opponent’s chest. Throughout the move, the user is protected from attacks, but it can be blocked.
Move 5 (Requirement: LV. 132)       Rising Claw Combo         The user delivers an uppercut, and upon hitting an opponent, follows up by grabbing their neck, lunging forward, and body-slamming them onto the ground. This move can be blocked entirely.

 Pros of the Leopard in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • High damage output
  • Predator’s Prowl allows for distance control and escape tactics
  • Simple to combo in both regular and transformed states due to prolonged stun durations and minimal knockback effects
  • Freely transformable (requires only a minimum of 20%, similar to Venom and DragonV2)
  • Moves generally bypass block but do not break it
  • Not heavily dependent on transformation, unlike Phoenix and Venom.

Cons of the Leopard in Fruit Battle Grounds:

  • Predator’s Prowl slows down when health is low
  • Difficult to connect with moves 5 and 4 if the opponent isn’t stunned (while transformed)
  • Vulnerable to punishment by air camping during Predator’s Prowl
  • Moves have extended cooldowns
  • Damage: S
  • Stun: A+
  • Range: A
  • Cooldown: B+
  • PvP/Bounty hunting: S
  • Speed: S
  • Mobility: A
  • Fun: S